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How to Use Environment Variables with Helm Charts

February 24, 2021

Helm charts are used to collect and package Kubernetes resources into simple and efficient clusters.
In this tutorial, learn how you can incorporate environment variables into your Kubernetes apps by using Helm charts.

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Get Helm Values For a Helm Release

February 10, 2021

Helm releases get updated and so do the values. Each change of Helm values is tracked. Learn how to get Helm values for a Helm release in this tutorial, how to find a specific revision version and the possible output formats.

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How To Install Flask

February 8, 2021

Before installing Flask, set up a virtual environment first. This article explains how to set up a virtual environment for Python 2 or Python 3 in Windows, MacOS and Linux. Learn how to install Flask and create a simple web application.

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How To Create A Helm Chart

February 3, 2021

Helm charts are application packages that use Kubernetes resources. They provide a template structure for app deployment. Learn how to create a Helm chart in this step-by-step tutorial.

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How to Roll Back Changes with Helm

Helm is a package manager for Kubernetes that offers a host of useful options, including rolling back your deployment to a previous release.
This tutorial offers a step-by-step guide to performing a rollback with Helm.

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How to Use the Linux sleep Command with Examples

The sleep command is used when it is necessary to postpone the execution of commands on the command line or in shell scripts. This tutorial lists ways in which you can utilize the sleep command and provides examples for each use case.

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RHEL Becomes Free for Small Production Workloads

January 28, 2021

RHEL is now free for small production workloads, up to 16 systems. Red Hat announced their newly modified no-cost RHEL program as a response to the growing dissatisfaction due to the switch to CentOS Stream.

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What Is Git Upstream And How To Set Upstream Branch

January 18, 2021

In order to properly track your changes and push them to Git, you need to set a remote upstream branch. Learn about upstream branches and how to set them in this tutorial.

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Best Python IDEs And Code Editors

January 14, 2021

An IDE is like a toolbox and a Code editor is like a power tool. In this article, we review 9 IDEs and 5 Code editors for Python. Discover the best one for you.

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List of kubectl Commands with Examples (+kubectl Cheat Sheet)

December 24, 2020

The Kubernetes command-line tool, kubectl, allows you to control Kubernetes by carrying out HTTP requests to the Kubernetes API. This reference guide provides a list of the most common kubectl commands, along with a handy, downloadable cheat sheet.

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