A Simple Way to Find the Right Data Center Provider

phoenixNAP’s data center Request for Proposal (RFP) template helps you define your IT requirements and choose a vendor that can fulfill them. The document outlines the most relevant questions about a data center facility that should be a factor in your decision.

Find out everything about our floor space and power capacities, network density, locations, and available solutions. Download the template in PDF or Word formats today, remove the questions that you do not find relevant, and send the edited document to sales@phoenixnap.com. Our solution experts will get back to you with answers as soon as possible.

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Who is it for?

phoenixNAP’s data center RFP template is meant to help organizations exploring available data center options. The document contains over 150 questions relevant to your choice of a data center provider. Each question addresses a specific facility feature that may be crucial for your business demands.

Created by our data center specialists, the questions cover every aspect needed to set up your infrastructure. Just remove the unneeded items from the document and send it to your phoenixNAP contacts. We will provide you with detailed information about how we can meet or even exceed your needs.

Leverage this easy way to assess our solutions and facilities. Start exploring our capabilities to support your business and contribute to its growth.

Overview of Questions

This data center RFP template includes several critical areas for a data center assessment. Our data center specialists selected these items based on industry standards and their deep experience in understanding what data center users want to know before they choose a solution.

Site Details and Building Properties

Learn more about the physical properties of phoenixNAP’s data center facilities. The questions in this section include information about data center management, square footage of conditioned, raised floor space, as well as exterior wall construction and thickness.


All phoenixNAP’s data centers are strategically located in disaster-free areas and are built according to the highest industry standards. If you wish to ask specific questions about risk assessments, emergency procedures, risk factors of the area, or the buildings’ physical safety, you will find them in the Natural Risks and Physical Risk sections.

Power Specifications

Find out what types of power phoenixNAP can provide and what options are available in each server room. The Power Specifications section contains over 30 questions related to phoenixNAP’s power capacity.

Cooling and HVAC System

A Cooling and HVAC System enables phoenixNAP’s facilities to function at an optimal level. However, different vendors may deploy different systems. Find out which ones we use and how we can provide an excellent environment for your data and hardware.

Monitoring and Detection Systems

Learn what leak detection, fire protection, and other monitoring systems are in place at the facility. phoenixNAP deploys cutting-edge data center technologies and expert teams to ensure your availability needs are met.

Network and Connectivity

Distributed across nine strategic global locations, phoenixNAP’s network provides high availability and allows access to major bandwidth and telecom carrier providers. Find a list of more specific questions to ask about network and connectivity options.


Data center security is covered through multiple sections in this RFP template. You can find out more about the overall security of the facility, its safety and threat detection systems, as well as about its key security personnel. Here you can also inquire about safety standards and emergency procedures to make sure your data and equipment are completely safe.

Availability Review

Learn more about the facility’s potential to provide high availability solutions. This section of the RFP template contains recommended questions about the UPS power availability, utility rates, rent structure, and other relevant details.

Additional Services

If you are looking to choose a data center vendor that can offer you specific additional or managed services, this section offers you some recommended questions to ask. phoenixNAP offers a comprehensive portfolio of IT services, and these questions can help you get a better insight into the best possible options to accommodate your needs.

Incident Management and Support

Being able to rely on your data center provider 24/7/365 is crucial to enabling your business to operate seamlessly. See how you can reach and work with phoenixNAP’s support specialists.

Pricing and Terms of Agreement

The RFP template is also a great resource to provide you with pricing details and quotes for custom solutions. The final section of the document continues questions related to service or solution provisioning that you can use to assess the vendor’s ability to meet your needs.

How do I use the documents provided?

Download the document in either PDF or Word, remove the questions or sections that are not relevant to your organization, and send it to us at sales@phoenixnap.com. Our team will provide detailed responses to help you make a more informed decision.

Download RFP Template