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The world’s only solution that lets you vertically scale 2nd Gen Intel Xeon Scalable CPUs with a single reboot.

How does it work?

Architected for intensive and changing workloads such as webserver applications, highly transactional databases, virtualization, AI/DL inference and HPC, FlexServers by phoenixNAP provide powerful infrastructure for modern organizations. A customized implementation of Intel® Speed Select Technology allows changing configuration on a single CPU, activates with a single server reboot, and requires no hardware or software changes to increase or decrease the CPU’s power.

The possibility to vertically scale CPUs helps you to meet your performance needs while allowing for flexible IT resource planning. You can simply request an upgrade or downgrade and reboot of your server to access new capabilities and optimize performance of your workloads.

2nd Gen Intel Xeon Scalable Processors come in seven basic configurations with phoenixNAP and each allows you to leverage the power of the latest gen processor.

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2x Intel Xeon Platinum 8260Y (20×2.2GHz)   $259.00  $241.00Comparable to Xeon Silver 4210 ProcessorsRAM: 128GB DDR4 Storage: 2x1TB NVMe
2x Intel Xeon Platinum 8260Y (32×2.3GHz)   $323.00  $300.00Comparable to Xeon Gold 5218 ProcessorsRAM: 128GB DDR4 Storage: 2x1TB NVMe
2x Intel Xeon Platinum 8260Y (24×2.7GHz)   $378.00  $352.00Comparable to Xeon Gold 6226 ProcessorsRAM: 128GB DDR4 Storage: 2x1TB NVMe
2x Intel Xeon Platinum 8260Y (40×2.1GHz)   $378.00  $352.00Comparable to Xeon Gold 6230 ProcessorsRAM: 128GB DDR4 Storage: 2x1TB NVMe
2x Intel Xeon Platinum 8260Y (32×2.7GHz)   $454.00  $422.00Comparable to Xeon Gold 6242 ProcessorsRAM: 128GB DDR4 Storage: 2x1TB NVMe
2x Intel Xeon Platinum 8260Y (40×2.5GHz)   $507.00  $472.00Comparable to Xeon Gold 6248 ProcessorsRAM: 128GB DDR4 Storage: 2x1TB NVMe
2x Intel Xeon Platinum 8260Y (48×2.4GHz)   $669.00  $622.00Comparable to Xeon Platinum 8260 ProcessorsRAM: 128GB DDR4 Storage: 2x1TB NVMe

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Meet the revolutionary platform for deep learning workloads

Vertical CPU Scaling

Vertical CPU Scaling

Change your server on the fly! Simply reboot to choose a completely new configuration out of seven available server configurations.

Built-In Deep Learning Capabilities

Built-in Deep Learning Capabilities

Run AI-focused workloads on the same infrastructure and boost inference performance with Intel Deep learning Boost and VNNI instruction sets.

Global Availability

Global Availability

FlexServers are available from phoenixNAP’s strategic locations in the U.S., Europe, and Asia.

7 in 1: Unique vertical CPU scaling capability.

Deploy. Reboot. Reimagine.

The world’s only solution that lets you vertically scale 2nd Gen Intel Xeon Scalable CPUs with a single reboot.

Intel Xeon Inside Platinum Gold Silver

FlexServers by phoenixNAP are developed in collaboration with Intel as a unique solution for data-hungry workloads. Leveraging 2nd Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processor technology, FlexServers enable you to shift between seven different CPU configurations without requiring hardware changes, migrating data or complex installations while retaining bare metal hardware access with no virtualization overhead. phoenixNAP is the only provider in the world offering this solution. You can deploy it in five global locations.

Phoenix, AZ | Ashburn, VA | Amsterdam, NL | Singapore, SG | Chicago, IL

Flexible pricing based on CPU scaling. Unmatched value and flexibility.

Powering data-driven organizations

FlexServers by phoenixNAP and their vertical CPU scalability options provide a workload-optimized platform for organizations handling general workloads, web applications as well as large in-memory datasets and other highly transactional and fluctuating workloads. Powered by 2nd Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors, FlexServers leverage the newest Intel CPU architecture with a very unique ability to scale the CPU vertically on a bare metal dedicated server providing raw hardware power without any virtualization overheads. FlexServers deliver powerful computing power, improved inference acceleration and processing capacity.

Features Overview

  • Increased CPU core counts and clock speeds vs previous generations
  • 10 Gbps public and private network capacity at server level
  • Global availability with multiple sites in USA, Europe and Singapore
  • Always including FREE 20Gbps DDoS protection for each server
  • High performance and high capacity local storage options
  • Large volumes of RAM up to 768GB DDR4 per server
  • Wide range of hardware components customization

Cutting-Edge Technologies Supported

intel optane sdd

Intel® Optane™ SSDs

Leverage fast and responsive storage systems with phoenixNAP’s FlexServers. Designed to increase storage application performance in a cost-effective manner, Intel Optane SSDs are ideal for organizations handling dynamic and demanding workloads. Intel Optane NVMe drives provide very low latency local storage with an extreme resiliency of 30 DWPD. These features make them perfect not just for primary storage for transaction intensive applications, but also as a catching tier in front of other high capacity and slower storage devices.

custom components intel

Custom Components

phoenixNAP’s flexible delivery and payment options enable you to configure your system and scale resources as you grow. With the option to choose the CPU that suits your workloads and adjust memory and storage capacity, you can tailor your architecture to your needs. phoenixNAP FlexServers support highly resilient (30 DWPD) and low latency Intel NVMe drives— the P4800X SSD and soon the new P4801X SSD. Both are usable with the FatTwin chassis, which can accommodate 2 NVMe drives out of the box.


“Thanks to the advanced performance features, the platform enables to work seamlessly across devices and applications, deliver the optimal performance and responsiveness and provide advanced ML capabilities bringing unparalleled insight to data.”

– Jason McKinney, SVP, Alliances at Panzura

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Use Cases

FlexServers by phoenixNAP can support a wide variety of workloads. Their unique ability to vertically scale the CPU to changing workloads while maintaining bare metal access makes them a true cornerstone of any business’s core infrastructure while simultaneously the same infrastructure shines when running more specialized workloads:


Run virtualization workloads with confidence leveraging FlexServers’ ability to switch between a variety of CPU core counts and clock speeds. With the addition of high amounts of RAM and fast NVMe storage these servers will support your workload’s demands and optimize for performance and licensing.

Web Servers

FlexServers’ vertical CPU scaling will fully support your web server needs, and CPU flexibility allows for fast changes to more or less processing power, keeping you in control of any overhead depending on changing web traffic demands.

Deep Learning Workloads

Power your deep learning workloads with a specialized infrastructure. The breakthrough memory innovation by Intel and reliable phoenixNAP service ensure maximum performance.

High-Transaction Databases

Servers with 2nd Gen Intel Xeon Scalable Processors help you streamline processing of high-transaction database workloads. Optimize your IT architecture for accelerated data processing.

Enterprise and Cloud

Optimize your use of IT resources with an IT platform that lets you process enterprise cloud workloads seamlessly and cost-efficiently.

HPC and Storage

Embrace HPC innovation without hardware investments. Built-in capabilities of FlexServers help you handle even the most agressive compute resources.

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