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Game Changers

As the market for Online Games is fast approaching the $100 billion a year mark, and accounts for nearly a third of the entire gaming market, getting the edge on your competition is a constant play. From development through launch, patch and expansion, having control, scalability, speed, and security are each vital to reducing your time to market and improving the overall quality of your in-game experience. To further power your game and drive player acceptance and retention, huge amounts of burstable compute and storage, low latency speed, and game accessibility are also crucial.

In the real world, keeping your players immersed, expanding your community and extending your game’s life are only achievable if you are able to meet your end-users’ dynamic demands with high availability, connectivity, and performance.

What if you could more fully focus on developing and designing the intricacies of your game and offload some of the heavy lifting of building your gaming solution?

IT infrastructure


Run virtualized or traditional environments and grow your gaming business with more speed and security, based upon your needs and with an affordable monthly recurring commit.

scalable IT


Securely auto-scale complex, high availability resources for your storage, compute and memory needs with agility, on-demand and with no capital investment.

reliable IT


Monetize and keep your players satisfied and coming back with an optimized end-user experience, using any of our PCI DSS compliance ready infrastructure solutions.

Optimized For Your Online Gaming Success

phoenixNAP can help with our Colocation, Cloud, Hosting and Hybrid offerings. We provide a scalable and affordable platform to help you set up a stealth gaming infrastructure with framework and back end solutions to provide the optimum in-game experience.

Whether serving Massive Multiplayer (MMOG) or Massive Multiplayer Role-Playing (MMORG), you can give your players the ultimate performance, control and flexibility. By building your infrastructure on our fully redundant, all 10 Gigabit Network, with enterprise-level security and a global footprint, you can deliver a superior in-game experience, independent of player volume or location. The phoenixNAP network is supported by multiple global network providers and is backed by our quick and responsive support, industry-leading service level agreement and strong up-time track record.

Meeting aggressive production and financial goals is not ‘virtual world.’ Minimize your investments in hardware, software licensing, complex installations, and long application cycles while gaining productivity with our Virtual Private, Private, Public and Hybrid Cloud Services. Affordable and flexible enough to support Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) or Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) game environments.

Maintain your high traffic gaming site, burst on demand for special events, such as tournaments, or rapidly deploy games in hours rather than days with quickly deployable servers and pre-built and configured VM templates. Built on industry-leading VMware® technology, phoenixNAP OpEx cloud services allow you to automatically manage your workload, create a virtual network, enforce security policies, and provide business continuity and scalability all through a single, centralized portal.

Looking for an all in one package to launch your Game or provide hosting to those who do? phoenixNAP’s Dedicated Servers are a fast and cost-effective way to quickly build out multiple gaming sites. Rapidly provision servers 24/7 and layer with premium services such as DDoS mitigation, file restoration, and migration services for maximum uptime protection, fast deployments and extreme redundancy.


  • Enterprise hardware with premium service
  • Public and private high capacity network options with free DDoS protection
  • Rapid response support
  • Low per GB RAM for the delivery of your content
  • Auto-provisioned dedicated firewalls

By building your gaming solution with phoenixNAP’s wide range of leading infrastructure services, you can scale your development and production resources, increase your ‘get to market’ speed and optimize the performance of your in-game experience for an entire global community of Gamers.