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Open Source at phoenixNAP

Support for Open Source Projects

Open source is the driving force behind rapid technology innovations and the acceleration of the software development process. As a global infrastructure provider, phoenixNAP is proud to offer infrastructure support for many open source projects, initiatives, foundations, and communities from around the world.

Supporting Open Source Foundations and Platforms


Apache Foundation

phoenixNAP provides the Apache Foundation with infrastructure solutions to support its open source projects and initiatives.



phoenixNAP is part of SourceForge's network of globally distributed mirror hosting sites for its open source code sharing platform.

Bare Metal Cloud Open Source

phoenixNAP’s Bare Metal Cloud server platform was built from the ground up with open source technologies in an effort to eliminate vendor lock-in and the use of proprietary technologies.

Icon Open Source Powering Automated Provisioning

Open Source Powering Automated Provisioning

The core of phoenixNAP Bare Metal Cloud platform runs on open source software. In the backend, phoenixNAP utilizes Canonical’s Metal-as-a-Service (MAAS) open source software to enable automated provisioning of physical servers and OS installations. MAAS has helped phoenixNAP reduce the time it takes to deploy a physical server with an operating system to about a minute.

Open Source Operating Systems

Open Source Operating Systems

Bare Metal Cloud allows users to deploy the most popular open source operating systems with a single click. Available operating systems include the latest version of Ubuntu and CentOS 7. They simplicity of deploying these OSs on Bare Metal Cloud instances provides development teams with flexibility in scaling their infrastructure resources, ensuring fast allocation of resources and immediate access to essential IT tools.

Open Source Infrastructure as Code Tools

Open Source Infrastructure as Code Tools

In line with our commitment to open source, Bare Metal Cloud is compatible with the most popular open source Infrastructure as Code tools. Users can leverage open source Terraform, Ansible, Pulumi, and Chef modules to provision Bare Metal Cloud servers automatically. The Bare Metal Cloud development team is actively working on integrating the platform with even more IaC and automation modules, as well as other open source projects like Kubernetes and Rancher.

GitHub and Slack Communities

GitHub and Slack Communities

phoenixNAP is committed to making more of its codebase open source. Our GitHub account is actively maintained and updated with new open source IaC modules, automation scripts, and GitHub actions. Developers can freely use our code to build custom projects or contribute code that benefits the entire community. We stay in touch with our users and developers on Slack, answering their questions and discussing feature requests.

Supporting Tech Communities

In addition to open source projects, phoenixNAP also supports global communities of developers and software engineers. By providing compute resources to support their expansion, we help them overcome one of the key growth challenges.


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