Why Build a World-Class Infrastructure in Phoenix

Set up your infrastructure in one of the most vibrant US Southwest cities for businesses. Strategically located in Phoenix, Arizona, phoenixNAP’s flagship data center gives you access to all major domestic and international networks to support local growth and global expansion of your business.

Low operational costs for businesses

Low operational costs for businesses

Competitive prices of IT services

Competitive prices of IT services

High-profile security initiatives and services

High-profile security initiatives and services


“We have grown several folds from having our first server with them to operating a fleet of servers. And recently, we decided to add some colocation in the PhoenixNAP data center as well. This makes expanding quite easy and allows us to focus on our core business.”

– Roel Gerona, CEO

Business Opportunities in Phoenix Metro Area

As the fifth largest city and one of the fastest-growing local economies in the US, Phoenix is an in-demand location for doing national and global business. This major metropolitan area is home to numerous enterprise and mid-market companies as well as a growing community of startups. Low residential, energy, and IT infrastructure costs coupled with the availability of skilled talent and numerous state incentives are key benefits attracting entrepreneurs to the city.

Some of the industries that are on a major economic upswing in Arizona are aerospace and defence, technology and innovation, and business and financial services. Bioscience and healthcare are also experiencing a steady growth together with digital media industries. Such a diverse market is a base for healthy competition in different verticals.

The economic growth is further enabled by the availability of skilled professionals. With high quality education institutions based in the state, including Arizona State University (ASU), the University of Arizona (UofA), Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, and Glendale and Scottsdale Community Colleges, companies have access to talents in different fields.

5th largest city in the US
High Quality Education
1.6% population growth (6th in the US)
Total employer establishments
260,000+ new jobs added state-wide since 2015
260,000+ new jobs added state-wide since 2015
260,000+ new jobs added state-wide since 2015

Power up your business with first-class data center services.

Government Incentives

Arizona’s government offers significant incentives for the development of quality jobs, research and development, and manufacturing. One of the major government programs factoring in the development of local businesses is Arizona’s Computer Data Center Program (CDCP).

This statewide regulation enables innovative businesses to access IT equipment and services at competitive prices. By exempting data center providers and operators from certain equipment taxes, it helps lower the cost of IT services. These incentives have contributed to the great development of the data center market in Phoenix. Industry analysts suggest that Phoenix is now the second most active city in the U.S. by megawatts (MW) absorption. It registered a record 41.6 megawatts (MW) of net absorption in 2019, which is more than 580 percent up compared to 2017. The seven primary U.S. markets saw a record 303 MW of net absorption in 2018, up more than 16 percent from 2017.

This enablement of tech innovation is one of the aspects recommending the city and phoenixNAP, as one of its major data centers, to companies of different sizes.

Strong Cybersecurity Community

Arizona Counter Terrorism Information Center (ACTIC)

AZ Cyber Talent

Arizona Cyber Threat Response Alliance (ACTRA)

Among the major developments in Arizona, cybersecurity research and activism have reached new levels in recent years. With multiple national and state cybersecurity institutions headquartered in Phoenix, security awareness and innovation rose significantly in recent years.

phoenixNAP security experts actively participate in the development and enhancement of data center security services. In that mission, we collaborate with the the most influential organizations including Arizona Cyber Threat Response Alliance (ACTRA), ISC2 Phoenix Chapter, ISACA Phoenix Chapter, and Arizona Counter Terrorism Information Center (ACTIC). phoenixNAP also supports the Cybersecurity Workforce Collaborative initiative by the Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce, #AZCyberTalent, which connects employees, employers, and educators in the AZ cybersecurity ecosystem.

Ethical Social Responsibility

phoenixNAP participates in veteran hiring programs to create a skills bridge and ensure transfer of knowledge between generations. Our offices bring together industry leaders and interns, enabling them to work together for the most efficient results. phoenixNAP also supports industry initiatives such as Arizona Cyber Warfare Range, women in tech, and Project Athena to ensure equal opportunities for all and create a diverse environment for its employees to grow and prosper.

Safe and high-performing environment for your mission-critical workloads.

Driving Tech Innovation in Arizona

phoenixNAP’s flagship facility in Phoenix is one of the region’s most advanced data centers, housing cutting-edge hardware and employing leading experts. It is located at the intersection of the two largest independent fiber rings in Phoenix, which allows us to deliver unmatched redundancy. Our variety of innovative software solutions further expands the opportunities for those looking to set up an efficient IT platform.

Selected as the first AWS Direct Connect location in the region, phoenixNAP is the only facility that can provide dedicated connections to Amazon cloud services. The building is purpose-built and meets the highest standards for security and energy-efficiency. Airport vicinity facilitates transport connections while the modern power grid combined with the latest generator systems provides maximum uptime.

Arizona’s First AWS Direct Connect Location


Disaster-Free Area

The exact location of the facility is ideal for a data center as it carries low risk of natural disasters. According to the state’s disaster map, the area is not likely to be affected by floods or hurricanes. Combined with the state-of-the art security and power generator systems, these features eliminate any risk of disruptions. The facility follows all industry safety certifications witnessing our capacity to protect your data.

State-of-the-Art Equipment

With high quality systems, high-performance equipment, expert staff, and over 100,000 sq. ft. of raised floor space, phoenixNAP’s data center offers the widest variety of IT choices for business organizations. From high-performance dedicated servers to revolutionary security services, companies can choose the exact services they need to complement their in-house IT. The SLA-backed uptime guarantee, superior DDoS protection, and abundant interconnectivity options come with all phoenixNAP’s products and services.

  • SLA-backed availability is delivered through comprehensive data backup and replication systems.
  • Global data center footprint gives you organizational and international value.
  • Mix and match options, including a full infrastructure-as-a-Service (laaS) portfolio.
  • Complete scalability makes phoenixNAP an excellent solution for business of any size.
  • Migration services are available with each purchase or upgrade.
  • Exceptional business value is provided on an opex-based model.
  • Enterprise-level performance from hardware, software, and people gives you a competitive advantage.
  • Advanced capabilities through cutting-edge data center operations and technologies.

With the Meet-Me-Room with over 30 carriers, the data center can provide exceptional connectivity. The availability of AWS Direct Connect additionally empowers businesses for growth and innovation.

See All Carriers

Tailor your IT to your business focus.

Network and Security Features

State-of-the-art network technologies available at phoneixNAP let you choose from ethernet, point-to-point, dedicated wave, and other connectivity options. phoenixNAP Tier I BGP Carrier Blend Network comes standard with phoenixNAP services providing reliability and high-speed transfer.

Leveraging the latest generation security technologies, phoenixNAP has a cutting-edge DDoS-protection system that minimizes the risk of failure to 0.001. Free 20 Gps of DDoS protection are available with all data center solutions while 24/7/365 physical and online security teams further ensure data safety. Additional security equipment includes multi-factor authentication mechanisms, multi-tier security zones, and high-perimeter walls.


Diverse Service Portfolio

Modern business models require more than just storage for their databases. They need performance to deliver excellent experiences to their customers. They also need advanced security solutions to eliminate the risk of business disruption. phoenixNAP offers a wide portfolio of services to meet any of these needs, regardless of how aggressive or sophisticated they are.



Configure compute and storage environments of up to 500 watts per sq. ft. Various colocation products are at your disposal to build a highly efficient platform.

Hardware-as-a-Service (HaaS)

Hardware-as-a-Service (HaaS)

Flexible hardware leasing models give you access to enterprise-grade hardware. Build your IT with state-of-the-art equipment available on an opex model.

Dedicated Servers

Dedicated Servers

Choose from a large number of high-performance and budget dedicated servers. Our selection of products can meet any business need. Order today.

Backup, Recovery, DRaas

Backup, Recovery, DRaas

Meet your availability goals with industry’s leading backup and recovery technologies. phoenixNAP offers variety of specialized products to support your strategies.

Security Services

Security Services

Recognising the gaps in the cyber security market, phoenixNAP has developed innovative security solutions to support organizations’ needs for data center security. Learn more.

Assisted IT Deployment and Management

With the mission of enabling any business to access the IT tools and equipment they need for growth, phoenixNAP takes a personalized approach to companies we work with. Our team is available for assistance with platform setup and management. You do not have to overburden or restructure your in-house teams in order to modernize your IT.

Employing a trusted team of solution experts and full-time, 24/7 NOC technicians on site, we can support you throughout the deployment process. As your data is stored with us, we will provide immediate support and expert assistance any time you need it.

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