Why Build a World-Class Infrastructure
in our Data Center Ashburn

Northern Virginia (NOVA) is widely known as the largest fiber backbone of the US with Ashburn presenting its major Internet traffic hub. phoenixNAP uses Ashburn’s strategic location, network fiber density, and global interconnectivity, to let you expand your footprint to the Eastern US seaboard.

Only about 34 miles away from With Washington, D.C., our Data Center Ashburn presents an ideal solution for government institutions and private businesses alike.

Lower operational costs compared to other regions

Lower operational costs compared to other regions

Competitive service prices with an option to scale easily

Competitive service prices with an option to scale easily

Access to the local pool of professional IT resources

Access to the local pool of professional IT resources


“The level of support and service that phoenixNAP provides is unparalleled in the industry and has helped us to expand our service in ways we thought would never be possible previously. Through constant diversification, phoenixNAP has grown with us and I'm highly confident that we have made the right decision in entrusting our systems with them.”

– Matthew Salsamendi, CTO & Co-Founder MCProHosting LLC

What Makes Data Center Ashburn Stand Out

Ashburn’s impact on the Internet and fiber expansion was propelled by a couple of factors. The reasonable cost of land ownership, 28% lower electricity cost when compared to US average, and proximity to business-rich Washington D.C., all created excellent conditions for the growth and development of data centers in the area.

phoenixNAP’s Ashburn data center is part of Loudoun County, often referred to as “Data Center Alley”. More than two thirds of global Internet traffic pass through this area daily. This makes it suitable ground for all sorts of data-driven businesses, leveraging the local pool of IT resources and East Coast Connectivity. Constantly growing and developing, Loudoun County currently boasts 20 million square feet of data centers, with 4 million in active development.

phoenixNAP takes advantage of Ashburn’s strategic position to provide businesses with quality storage and network services, high reliability, and advanced security for protecting business-critical data.

Infographic Virginia
Infographic Nova
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Loudoun County keeps promoting data center expansion through incentives and tax exemptions for qualified investors.
Over $19 billion has been budgeted for cybersecurity investments for Washington D.C. and the surrounding region for 2021. Together with direct financing programs from the State of Virginia, Ashburn recognizes and appreciates the impact data centers have on the local community and businesses leveraging federal funding to increase IT security.

Power up your business in an enterprise-class, high security data center environment.

Data Center Ashburn

Taking advantage of the global network hub potential of Ashburn and its pool of IT resources, phoenixNAP Ashburn offers various Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) solutions. These include Colocation, Hardware-as-a-Service, Dedicated Servers, Bare Metal Cloud, Backup and Disaster Recovery services, as well as Data Security Cloud.

With connections to all distributed and linked PoP locations in Los Angeles, Phoenix, Ashburn, Atlanta, and the Netherlands and point-to-point direct connection to Phoenix, Chicago, and Amsterdam facilities, phoenixNAP Ashburn has a global reach. Carrier neutrality across our global footprint makes it possible for you to leverage our industry-leading, Tier 1 telecom and transport provider network blend.

Combined with the facility’s redundant power and cooling infrastructure, high-profile security initiatives, and services, this Tier 3 equivalent data center provides enterprise-level business reliability.

Features, Facts, and Figures

Total Space 71.000ft2
Total Power 40 MW
Per Square Foot Up To 250W
Redudancy Crac Units N+1
Compliance in Check

Compliance in Check

phoenixNAP’s Ashburn facility is SOC 1, SOC 2, SOC 3, PCI DSS and SSAE-16 compliant and HIPPAA ready. This makes it favorable for healthcare, finance and e-commerce businesses.

Redundancy and Safety

Redundancy and Safety

AN+1 redundancy for UPS infrastructure, 30-ton CRAH units, and 350-ton Motivair™ Free Air Cooling Chillers make our Tier 3 data center an optimal server environment. Multi-level security systems and video surveillance ensure 24/7 protection.

Free 20 Gbps DDoS Protection

Free 20 Gbps DDoS Protection

phoenixNAP DDoS Protect™ is free of charge with our every hosting platform. The intelligence-driven, multi-layered protection system mitigates UDP, TCP, and ICMP attacks with high speed and precision.

Carrier Neutrality

Carrier Neutrality

phoenixNAP’s proprietary carrier blend or connects you to any of 14 premium carriers directly. Located near the 21715 Filigree Court Carrier Hotel.

Fast and Reliable Network

Fast and Reliable Network

With a 9+ Tbps global network backbone, phoenixNAP’s Ashburn data center provides superior connectivity. 10 network PoPs and 16 data centers across the 5 continents.

A wide range of services tailored to your business needs.

Colocation in Ashburn

Built in 2009, phoenixNAP Data center Ashburn was specifically designed for ultra-high-density cabinets and with colocation in mind. Redundant, uninterrupted power supply infrastructure, world-class cooling system, and optimal use of cabinet space enable maximized potential with reduced footprint. From half cabinet and full cabinet to locked cage and private suite options, our Ashburn facility provides customizable and flexible solutions.

phoenixNAP’s Hardware-as-a-Service is at your disposal for upgrades, with various hardware solutions for scaling your infrastructure while keeping it cost-effective. Your colocation environment can be upgraded at any moment through our Colocation+ expansion options, maximizing performance through OpEx-friendly pricing.

Colocation clients have 24/7 access to our Ashburn facility, under escort of our security teams. Pre-authorized 3rd party vendors may also get logged security escort to your environment at any time.

Dedicated Servers in Ashburn

phoenixNAP’s facility in Ashburn boasts a broad portfolio of dedicated servers, catering to all client needs, from bleeding-edge performance to effective, budget-friendly solutions. Dedicated hardware gives you full control of your IT infrastructure in a single-tenant environment, without noisy neighbors or shared resources.

Optimized for different types of workload, phoenixNAP’s Dedicated Servers are built to adapt to a wide variety of use cases. From simple storage, streaming, gaming, or database hosting to high-performance computing, or future-ready AI and machine learning, our versatile, customizable offer of servers gets the job done.

Bare Metal Cloud: Automation-Driven Colocation

Our Ashburn Data Center also offers access to our Bare Metal Cloud instances, enabling you to provision physical servers in minutes using our CLI or API, as well as our IaC integrations. Deployable in 60 seconds, scalable, and customizable, Bare Metal Cloud provides cloud versatility without the hypervisor overhead.

Our Bare Metal Cloud combines cutting-edge compute technology, automated server provisioning, DevOps pipeline integration, and hourly/monthly or reservation billing models. It is fast, scalable, and reliable, adapting to you and your expansion beyond colocation.

Cloud and Backup Services at phoenixNAP Ashburn

Backup and Restore Services

  • Backup-as-a-Service (Veeam)
  • DRaaS by Veeam
  • DRaaS by VMware
  • DRaaS by Zerto

Cloud Services

  • Data Security Cloud
  • Virtual Private Data Center
  • Managed Private Cloud
  • Object Storage

Among multiple could and backup solutions, phoenixNAP Ashburn data center is also home to our highest security cloud infrastructure platform, our Data Security Cloud. It is a multi-tenant environment with multi-layered data protection, zero trust policies, industry-leading threat intelligence, and state-of-the-art hardware-enhanced security.

High-performance equipment for handling even the most demanding workloads.

Why Choose phoenixNAP

phoenixNAP Ashburn presents a comprehensive database center for clients wanting to leverage reduced latencies for East Coast connectivity. Also, it is an ideal disaster recovery site for businesses whose primary IT is located elsewhere.

  • SLA-backed availability is delivered through comprehensive data backup and replication systems.
  • Global data center footprint gives you organizational and international value.
  • Mix and match options, including a full infrastructure-as-a-Service (laaS) portfolio.
  • Complete scalability makes phoenixNAP an excellent solution for business of any size.
  • Migration services are available with each purchase or upgrade.
  • Exceptional business value is provided on an opex-based model.
  • Enterprise-level performance from hardware, software, and people gives you a competitive advantage.
  • Advanced capabilities through cutting-edge data center operations and technologies.
Whatever solutions you require, our highly professional staff is at your disposal 24/7. With our assistance, you can focus on your business while we do the heavy lifting of setup, management, deployment, and immediate support in case of emergency.

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