Netris on Bare Metal Cloud

Gain advanced networking features on demand

Deploy in Minutes

Netris on Bare Metal Cloud

Leverage VPC Networking Capabilities on Dedicated Servers

Configuring firewalls and load balancing or setting up virtual private cloud (VPC) networking across hybrid environments is a complex and time-consuming process. By deploying and interconnecting Bare Metal Cloud instances with a pre-installed Netris solution, you get as-a-service access to fully automated advanced networking features across locations and environments.

Fast and Cost-Effective

Fast and Cost-Effective

Deploy and scale hourly billed Netris Controller or SoftGate nodes across strategic and edge locations in minutes.

Networking Made Simple

Networking Made Simple

Streamline routing, elastic load balancing, firewalls, DHCP, NAT, and other cloud-like networking configurations on bare metal.

Multi-Regional Connectivity

Process Transparency

Create redundant, virtual private networks across regions or providers and manage them from a centralized portal.


“Everything is simple and automated. It's like having my own colocated hardware, but without any of the hassle. I needed low-latency access to a particular site in the Phoenix area. A staffer at PhoenixNAP helped me out with a few tests to confirm that I'd get the necessary latency. After that, I just created an account, selected the hardware I'd need, and off we went”

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How Netris on Bare Metal Cloud Works

A typical Netris-controlled environment consists of a Controller running at an on-prem, external, hybrid, or virtualized node and a redundant pair of automatic VPC gateway nodes called SoftGates. Bare Metal Cloud allows you to automatically spin up dedicated servers with pre-installed Netris Controller or SoftGate software running on Ubuntu. After deploying your infrastructure via API, CLI, or WebUI, you can easily connect your Controller to your SoftGate deployments using the Netris web portal. This gives you a centralized overview of your networking configurations and server deployments and lets you manage them across locations and environments.

How Netris on BMC works

Leveraging phoenixNAP’s flexible deployment, billing, and bandwidth options, you can automate the process of setting up Netris to run on top of phoenixNAP’s robust network resources. Additionally, without investing in hardware or infrastructure setup and management, you get access to high-performance resources powered by the latest CPUs, storage, and RAM.

Advanced private networking at scale. No hassle. No CapEx.

Features of Netris on Bare Metal Cloud

Netris was created to eliminate the networking complexities related to launching and managing a private or hybrid cloud infrastructure at scale. This software solution automatically configures, monitors, and operates your network infrastructure. With phoenixNAP’s Bare Metal Cloud, you can consume Netris as a service on API-driven dedicated servers to build and interconnect scalable environments in a couple of clicks.

Save days of work otherwise spent on infrastructure provisioning and complex network setup or management processes. Deploy workload-optimized server instances with pre-installed Netris Controller or SoftGate software in a couple of clicks.

Network Access Control

Network Access Control

Permit or deny traffic at subnet, IP, protocol, and port levels and help teams collaborate confidently with powerful approval workflows and out-of-the-box audit logs.

Site-To-Site VPN

Site-To-Site VPN

Use Netris Site Mesh to create VPNs between private networks across multiple phoenixNAP regions without worrying about configuration drifts or monitoring complexities.

Elastic Load Balancing

Elastic Load Balancing

Get cloud-like, on-demand access to load balancing on bare metal, and leverage it for virtualized, containerized, or traditional environments.

Segmentation and Internal Routing

Segmentation and Internal Routing

Eliminate integration, architecture, and implementation overhead of managing inter-VLAN routing. Automatically provision and configure Layer-2 networks via API.

External Routing

External Routing

Avoid complexities and costs of manually routing your Internet traffic. Your upstream settings and public IP subnets automatically populate in your Netris Controller on Bare Metal Cloud.

Flexible Billing and Bandwidth Models

Flexible Billing and Bandwidth Models

Consume dedicated resources with cloud agility via hourly billing and discounts for monthly or yearly reservations. No fees for Netris Controller and transparent billing for SoftGate licenses.

Automated Provisioning

Automated Provisioning

Both Bare Metal Cloud and Netris can be managed as code using familiar tools such as Terraform or Pulumi, making it easy to integrate the solution into your existing DevOps pipelines.

No Vendor Lock-In

No Vendor Lock-In

Deploy anything from sandboxes to production environments or build hybrid cloud solutions without locking yourself into proprietary technologies.

Kubernetes Networking and CNI

Kubernetes Networking and CNI

Easily set up load balancing into your cluster, run DHCP for nodes, let nodes and pods access the Internet, enable routing between pods, or access them from remote locations.

You can choose from over 40 Bare Metal Cloud instances starting from as low as $0.08/hr!


Simple, Transparent Pricing

Netris Controller and SoftGate can be deployed on any of the 40+ globally available Bare Metal Cloud instances. There are no licensing fees for the Controller, while the SoftGate license is billed hourly based on your gateway bandwidth requirements. Choose your preferred configuration, select the Netris software to be installed on top of it, and get predictable hourly or monthly billing with 15 TB of free bandwidth for your first deployment!

Netris SoftGate 1 Gbps


Netris SoftGate 10 Gbps


Netris SoftGate 25 Gbps


*Netris SoftGate license fees are billed hourly and added as an additional item to your regular Bare Metal Cloud costs.

How to Get Started?

Using API, CLI, or WebUI, you can set up your Netris-powered environment running on Bare Metal Cloud in 6 simple steps.

Step 1


Choose a server location, billing model, and preferred instance type.

Step 2


Choose Netris Controller as the OS for your instance.

Step 3


Use the provided credentials to sign into the Netris Controller Web Console.

Step 4


Access the Netris Controller Web Console via the provided URL.

Step 5


Create a phoenixNAP site in the Web Console and add phoenixNAP API credentials.

Step 6


Deploy two more servers with Netris SoftGate as the OS, using the Controller's details.

Step-By-Step Video Tutorial

Learn how to deploy Netris Controller and SoftGate nodes on Bare Metal Cloud.


Why Leverage Netris on Bare Metal Cloud?

Hybrid cloud is the most common infrastructure deployment method. It allows for increased control over your environment and enhanced performance, scalability, and data security capabilities at lower costs. However, deploying applications across distributed on-prem and cloud ecosystems leads to compliance, latency, cost, and networking challenges.

With Netris on Bare Metal Cloud, you get colocation-like security and transparency with cloud-like networking and infrastructure provisioning capabilities. This lets you easily and cost-effectively build and manage hybrid, edge, or private cloud environments suitable for processing demanding workloads.

Additional BMC Features

Additional Bare Metal Cloud Features:

  • 100% dedicated physical CPU, RAM, and storage
  • No hypervisors, no “noisy neighbors”
  • Up to 50 Gbps network capacity with 20 Gbps free DDoS protection
  • Deployment of geo-distributed HA Kubernetes Clusters in 5 minutes
  • Easy access to scale-out network and S3-compatible object storage
  • Flexible bandwidth packages with free 15 TB (5 TB in Singapore)
  • Certified Infrastructure as Code modules (Terraform, Ansible, Pulumi, Chef)
  • Access to regularly maintained GitHub Repos, Actions, and SDKs
  • Pay-per-use billing, discount for monthly and yearly reservations

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Use Cases

From cutting cloud costs and gaining more control over your environment, to streamlining network automation processes, Netris on Bare Metal Cloud helps you optimize your IT at scale.

Hybrid Cloud computing

Hybrid Cloud Computing

Easily interconnect your favorite public cloud services with high-performance, API-driven bare metal servers.

Edge Computing

Edge Computing

Deploy your compute, storage, and network resources close to the data source for an optimized user experience.

Cloud Repatriation

Cloud Repatriation

Migrate demanding apps to an environment offering dedicated server performance and security with cloud networking capabilities.

Abstracting Complex Networking

Abstracting Complex Networking

Automate physical network operations for a cloud-like, DevOps-friendly experience on dedicated resources.

Infrastructure Cost Optimization

Infrastructure Cost Optimization

Get cloud-like agility and networking at a fraction of the cost of a similarly performing public cloud solution.

Staff Productivity Improvement

Staff Productivity Improvement

Help your teams focus on critical business tasks instead of worrying about infrastructure or network setup and management.

Ready to make your network operations simple? Deploy Netris on Bare Metal Cloud Today!