The Latest 5th Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors

Leverage Intel’s groundbreaking workload accelerators on-demand

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4rd Gen Intel Xeon Processors

Unrivaled Performance for Data-Intensive Workloads

Extract value from your ever-growing datasets faster with a high-performance, API-driven IT infrastructure deployable at scale. phoenixNAP Bare Metal Cloud powered by 5th Gen Intel Xeon CPUs gives you access to next-gen data processing and security technologies on dedicated resources consumable as cloud. Spin up pre-configured instances globally in minutes and accelerate AI, HPC, analytics, and other data-hungry workloads with unprecedented efficiency.


“With Bare Metal Cloud, we were able to provision high-performance physical services in minutes across multiple geographic locations via simple calls to the API. We have the freedom to provision server instances that are optimized for compute or memory-intensive workloads. On top of this, everything is open-source and we don’t have to worry about vendor lock-in.”

– Matt Russel, Chief Cloud Officer, Namecheap

Powerful. Reliable. Future-proof.

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Icon Next gen

Next-Gen Compute Resources

Eliminate bottlenecks with increased core count and per-core performance paired with high-bandwidth DDR5.

Icon Built in Accelerator Engines

Built-in Accelerator Engines

Accelerate DL inference and training, improve streaming data movement, or boost database query throughput without hogging the CPU.

Global Deployment

Global Deployment

Deploy or scale pre-configured dedicated servers in minutes across the U.S., Europe, and Asia via API, CLI, or WebUI.

All flash storage

All-Flash Storage

Get the highest throughput and fastest response times with NVMe drives. Near-instantly access TBs of scale-out network storage.

Low Latency Network

Low-Latency Network

Leverage robust, redundant, and seamless network performance with 50 Gbps transfer speeds (2x25 Gbps bonded network).

Hardware Enhanced Security

Hardware-Enhanced Security

Protect sensitive or regulated data in transit with Intel SGX and expand opportunities for business collaboration and insights.

Dedicated resources. Future-Ready Intel® Technologies. Yours in minutes.

One Platform. Endless Capabilities.

Provision and scale workload-optimized dedicated servers with cloud-like flexibility.

Bare Metal Cloud is an API-driven platform that enables you to deploy and manage physical servers as code. Built to help fast-paced, DevOps-focused teams and organizations save time and resources, it simplifies the provisioning and management of performance-oriented IT infrastructure at scale.

This versatile platform enables organizations of all sizes and verticals to consume bleeding-edge workload acceleration technologies as a service. Utilizing 5th Gen Intel Xeon Scalable Processors, Bare Metal Cloud delivers improved performance for even the most demanding workloads including high-performance computing (HPC), artificial intelligence (AI), and confidential computing. Select an instance tailored to your needs, choose your preferred location and operating system, and spin up your server in a matter of minutes.

Dual Intel Xeon Gold 6536
Instance Type Specs Hourly Monthly 12 mo 24 mo 36 mo
32c x 3 GHz
(256GB RAM, 2x 2TB NVMe, 2 x 25Gbps)
32c x 3 GHz
(512GB RAM, 2x 4TB NVMe, 2 x 25Gbps)
Dual Intel Xeon Gold 6540
Instance Type Specs Hourly Monthly 12 mo 24 mo 36 mo
40c x 2.9 GHz
(256GB RAM, 2x 2TB NVMe, 2 x 25Gbps)
40c x 2.9 GHz
(512GB RAM, 2x 4TB NVMe, 2 x 25Gbps)
Dual Intel Xeon Gold 6542Y
Instance Type Specs Hourly Monthly 12 mo 24 mo 36 mo
48c x 2.9 GHz
(256GB RAM, 2x 2TB NVMe, 2 x 25Gbps)
48c x 2.9 GHz
(512GB RAM, 2x 4TB NVMe, 2 x 25Gbps)

+ On-demand access to terabytes of scale-out Network Storage or S3-Compatible Object Storage

Available in Phoenix, AZ, and Ashburn, VA. More locations coming soon.

Choose from over 50 pre-configured Bare Metal Cloud instances optimized for general, compute, memory, or edge workloads.

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5th Gen Intel Xeon Scalable Processors in Bare Metal Cloud

With more built-in accelerators than any other CPU in the market, Intel’s latest Xeon Scalable CPUs offer an alternative way to boost performance, security, and availability for traditional and future workloads. phoenixNAP gives you the opportunity to leverage the potential of Intel’s disruptive technologies with minimal investments and no infrastructure management complexities. Spin up hourly-billed servers with 5th Gen Intel Xeon Scalable chips across different locations, manage them using familiar IaC tools, and easily align your deployments with your DevOps or DataOps workflows.

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Turnkey Access to Workload Acceleration

5th Gen Intel Xeon Scalable Processors

  • Icon CheckMore Cores + Increased Multi-Socket Bandwidth
    Up to 1.84x gen-on-gen performance gain
  • Icon CheckIntel Advanced Matrix Extensions (AMX)
    Accelerate DL inference and training workloads
  • Icon CheckIntel Data Streaming Accelerator (DSA)
    Boosts the performance of storage, networking, and data-intensive workloads
  • Icon CheckIntel Dynamic Load Balancer (DLB)
    Dynamically distributes network data across CPU cores
  • Icon CheckIntel QuickAssist Technology (QAT)
    Accelerates encryption, decryption, and data compression
  • Icon CheckIntel In-Memory Analytics Accelerator (IAA)
    Improves analytics performance and accelerates database query throughput
  • Icon CheckIntel Software Guard Extensions (SGX)
    Isolates sensitive data in a secure enclave with hardware-based memory protection
  • Icon CheckIntel Optane™ Persistent Memory 300 Support
    Brings data closer to the CPU for reduced I/O and accelerated large-memory computing.

phoenixNAP’s Bare Metal Cloud

  • Icon CheckGlobal and edge deployment in minutes
  • Icon CheckDedicated servers equipped with high-performance DDR5 RAM and NVMe storage
  • Icon CheckDirect access to hardware without vendor lock-in or hypervisor overhead
  • Icon CheckAPI-driven provisioning and management via IaC tools (Terraform, Ansible, Pulumi, Chef)
  • Icon CheckEasy access to terabytes of low-cost network storage or S3-compatible object storage
  • Icon CheckAutomated deployment of geo-distributed, multi-node Kubernetes clusters in 5 minutes
  • Icon CheckFlexible billing and bandwidth models. Pay-as-you-go options with discounts for reservations.
  • Icon Check50 Gbps network speed. 20 Gbps free DDoS protection. Public and private network options.

Visible Results for Real-World Workloads

Reaping the benefits of 5th Gen Intel Xeon Scalable CPUs via Bare Metal Cloud lets you cost-effectively optimize your infrastructure for processing the world’s fastest-growing workloads.

AI and Deep Learnig

AI and Deep Learning

Substantially increase the performance for recommendation systems, natural language processing, image recognition, media processing and delivery, or media analytics.

Data Analytics

Data Analytics

Intel’s workload accelerators on powerful servers let you increase throughput for in-memory databases, big data processing, data warehousing, BI, ERP, or operational analytics.

Ecommerce and AdTech

E-Commerce and AdTech

Handle large volumes of data in real time with a transparently priced, scalable infrastructure that provides direct access to your hardware on a low-latency, high-throughput network.

High-performance Computing

High-Performance Computing

Access the technology and raw horsepower to support the most demanding computational tasks such as fraud detection, genomic sequencing, financial analytics, and 3D modeling.

Eliminate performance bottlenecks without infrastructure overhead or CapEx.

Deploy in Minutes