Managed Private Cloud
Hosting Services

Software-Defined Data Center Solution for Enterprise-Class Applications

Managed Private Cloud Hosting Services

Fully Dedicated Infrastructure from Top to Bottom

Discover the most flexible and cost-effective single-tenant cloud service available. Built to order, Managed Private Cloud is a performance-oriented solution designed for mid- large-sized enterprises. As a robust cloud platform tailored to meet your exact IT and business needs, it efficiently supports your operations. From hypervisor down, our team does all the heavy lifting, so you never have to worry about managing your virtualization infrastructure.

Compliance-Ready Platform

Compliance-Ready Platform

Meet all your security and compliance goals. Managed Private Cloud is an ideal platform for businesses operating under strict regulatory requirements.

High-Availability Network

High-Availability Network

DDoS-protected global network. Low latency 10 Gbps redundant connectivity to each host. 1 Gbps ports are available to support legacy devices.

No Upfront Capital

No Upfront Capital

Buy, deploy, and manage your virtualization environment cost-effectively. Optimize your IT budget to support your mission-critical needs and projects.


“The infrastructure takes away concerns about data privacy, risk management, and accountability. Last not least, the phoenixNAP team has been consistent in providing top-level service – we rest assured that WebPal clients will be in safe havens with our WebPal Secured Cloud offering.”

– Markus Latzel, CEO, WebPal

Expand your IT Potential with a Software-Defined Private Data Center

Designed to support the challenges of planning for business, technology, and service growth, Private Cloud is a software-defined data center solution that enables you to expand your IT potential. Elevate your IT strategy with cutting-edge security, customization, resource management, and performance features.

Secure Virtualized Environment

Get access to a PCI compliance-ready environment and SSAE 18-audited infrastructure solution — our risk-free global platform and next-generation security. Private Cloud Managed Solutions ensures full safety of your data. Your hosting environment remains protected even as your data travels between VMs.

Some of the features at your disposal include high-performance VPN and firewall technology delivered in a simple-to-configure interface. You can further enhance the security of your platform with granular role-based access controls, which gives your IT team the ability to extend their resources securely.


Each Private Cloud is dedicated to a single customer. Leverage enterprise-class virtualization architecture and years of infrastructure experience without expansive budgets or challenging cloud management strategies.

You can choose from a variety of high-performance processors, including the latest generation of Intel® Xeon® technology. 10 and 40 Gbit low-latency switches ensure that the network is never a bottleneck. Multiple standard SSD Accelerated storage options further support your needs.


Deploy highly customized solutions and professional services without using your own capital. Grow your infrastructure as fluctuating demand requires. Private cloud hosting allows for flexible deployment times and ensures you never overbuy your IT resources.

An affordable option for fast-growing companies. Its scalability is ideal for cash-strapped startups as they do not need to settle for inflexible multi-tenant environments.

Self-Service Capabilities

Can be easily managed with vCenter Server or a dedicated instance of VMware vCloud® Director. Providing you with the self-service capabilities to provision compute, storage, and network resources.

The availability of multiple management software solutions enables you to effectively operate your IT environments. This delivers on the promise of a ‘private cloud’ and features point-and-click access to provision any resource.


Building a Container-Ready Environment with Rancher

If you are looking to set up Kubernetes clusters, this guide will help you deploy them on MPC using Rancher Cluster Orchestrator. Our Complete Guide to Building a Container-Ready Environment with Rancher provides code and steps to integrate vSphere and Rancher using Packer and Terraform, as well as to deploy a Kubernetes cluster using Rancher. Download it today!

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Building a Container-Ready Environment with Rancher Free White Paper

Who is Private Cloud Hosting for?

Adaptable by design, the managed cloud can meet a full breadth of infrastructure-as-a-service needs. Regardless of your organization’s workload or compliance requirements, MPC can be built as an entirely private infrastructure environment. It can be leveraged as a part of a hybrid model to provide even greater flexibility.

Our global data center network lets you distribute your applications as close as possible to your customers. Explicitly architected for remote deployment and management, and can be delivered to any major city around the globe.

Transaction Processing Environments

Transaction Processing Environments

Looking for a cost-effective, compliance-driven dedicated infrastructure?

Downtime can mean a significant loss of revenue for your business. With substantial regulatory and compliance concerns associated with protecting consumers’ buying data, consuming cloud services can be a headache.

Private Cloud enables financial institutions and transaction processing providers to leverage the potential of the cloud securely.

Enterprise IT

Enterprise IT

Improve your IT capability and agility without breaking the bank.

Conveniently transition to the cloud during your next refresh cycle. Built to perform, look, and feel just like your in-house storage and virtualization environments. As an added benefit, it removes the headache of maintenance and management.

Use dedicated SAN environment for more than just virtual machine or cloud hosting. With SSD Accelerated SAN storage for MySQL® and SQL Databases, as well as VMware® vSphere™, you can streamline your infrastructure management.

Hosted Virtual Desktops

Hosted Virtual Desktops

Improve your internal IT efficiencies amongst teams and locations.

Managed cloud environments are powerful enough to run even the most significant virtual desktop workloads. With VMware resources and SSD Hybrid storage by Nimble, MPC can handle the tremendous IOP demands of VDI.

Compatible with Citrix® XenDesktop™, Microsoft RDS, and various open source solutions, supporting intelligent operations management for virtual desktops.



Build the most potent outsourced or hybrid cloud environment possible.

Start small and scale into large multi-node configurations. Robust restful API for complete automation and scaling, VPNs, load balancers, high-throughput firewalls are also available for complex network setups.

On top of that, you can use our global unified network with our managed DDoS mitigation to protect your workloads.

Cloud Disaster Recovery

Cloud Disaster Recovery

Need a cost-effective disaster site for a production environment?

Combine the Private Cloud with our Disaster-Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS) and Cloud Backup and Recovery products. Its highly customizable nature enables you to mix and integrate your provided hardware and software to meet your challenging RPO and RTO requirements.

Our cloud disaster recovery solutions include on-demand failover testing, completely automated failback, RPO capability as low as ten seconds using continuous data protection.

Enterprises, mid-market businesses, and IT service providers can easily meet their production, storage and security requirements. Get in touch with our solution experts to learn how MPC can work for you.

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Migrate with confidence. Our team works with you from day one
to seamlessly move your data.

4-Step Cloud Onboarding Process

The most customizable product offering in our Infrastructure-as-a-Service portfolio, each Managed Private Cloud is built from the ground up. The platform is tailored to suit your access, based on your team’s collaboration with our infrastructure architects.

It typically takes less than a month for provisioning, fully configured, and ready to move in. Here is the process:

An extensive requirements and assessment study to evaluate your business’ specific workloads
Dedicated infrastructure architects design and build a solution just for you
Premium construction is created and ready to occupy in weeks
Migration support services include the possibility to move you quickly and seamlessly to your new cloud hosting

Our team has successfully designed some of the most complex and performance-oriented cloud environments in the world today. Let us talk and see what we can do for you.

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