Vim, known as the best text editor for programers, is highly configurable and customizable. Vim allows syntax highlighting which is a great tool when it comes to text editing.

In this tutorial, we learn how to install Vim editor on Ubuntu 18.04 operating system.

installing the vim editor on ubuntu linux


  • A user with sudo privileges
  • Access to a terminal/command line
  • The apt-get tool, pre-loaded in Ubuntu and other Debian-based distros

Installing Vi Improved (VIM) text editor on Ubuntu

Most likely, Vi/Vim will be preinstalled on your system, but in case you need to install the text editor manually, follow these two simple steps:

1. First, open the terminal window. The fastest way to do so is by using the keyboard shortcut CTRL+ALT+T.

2. Now, update the package repository to ensure you install the latest available software by typing the command:

sudo apt update

3. Download Vim Text Editor from the GitHub repository

vim releases for download in github

4. Next, install Vim by running the command:

sudo apt install vim

sudo command in terminal to install vim

Press y to confirm the installation and hit Enter.

5. Finally, verify the installation with the command:

vim -v

The output will display which version is running on your system.

New features in Vim 8.1

The Vim 8.1 release is a minor version that includes a few new features, bug fixes, and documentation updates.

The most significant change is support for running the terminal within the Vim window.

An example use-case for adding terminal support within a Vim window is to initiate a system build while continuing to edit in another Vim window.

How to Uninstall Vim

To uninstall Vim from your system, you can remove it with the following command:

sudo apt remove vim

Then, type in the sudo password and press y to confirm.

removing the vim installation on ubuntu


Great job, you have installed the Vim editor on your Ubuntu system. Now, you can use it to start coding in the programming language of your choice.