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8 Best PuTTY Alternatives

October 11, 2021

PuTTY is regarded as one of the most reliable SSH and Telnet clients, but it lacks the more advanced feature and streamlined UI of modern solutions. This article presents a list of the 8 best alternatives to PuTTY.

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How to Set Up a Load Balancer on an s0.d1.small BMC Server

October 7, 2021

Load balancing helps maximize the server farm resources, avoiding overloads. Learn how you can set up phoenixNAP's cheapest BMC instance as a load balancer in this tutorial.

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403 Forbidden Error - What Is It and How to Fix It

The 403 Forbidden error appears when you are trying to access content, but the access is denied. This article deals with different ways of fixing the 403 error.

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What is SSH?

September 22, 2021

The SSH protocol offers system administrators a way to establish a secure connection that will protect them against malicious cyber-attacks, such as password-sniffing. This article offers an overview of the function, terminology and use cases of SSH.

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How to Install Webmin on Ubuntu

September 10, 2021

Webmin is a web-based dashboard that allows administrators to manage Linux and Unix systems and servers remotely. This tutorial takes you through the step-by-step process of installing Webmin on Ubuntu 18.04 and 20.04.

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How to Install Node.js and NPM on Mac

September 9, 2021

Node.js is a popular back-end JavaScript runtime used for creating web servers and scalable network apps. NPM is a package manager for JavaScript and the default package manager for Node.js. This tutorial will show you how to install Node.js and NPM on MacOS.

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Big Data Servers Explained

August 19, 2021

Big data servers are servers specifically made for collecting and analyzing unstructured and constantly expanding data from various sources. Learn about the hardware specifications and what software runs on big data servers in this article.

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What Is Load Balancing? Definition and How It Works

June 30, 2021

Load balancing is a method for distributing network traffic across multiple servers in a pool, that way improving performance and preventing bottlenecks. This article is about load balancing and the different types of load balancing.

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13 Best SQL Query Optimization Tools

June 24, 2021

Query optimization tools are a great way to improve server performance without having to manually change queries and look for errors. This article lists 13 best query optimization tools.

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How to Configure Second Drive on Dual-Drive BMC Servers

June 3, 2021

This guide shows how to add the second drive when you purchase a dual-drive BMC server for Ubuntu, CentOS, and Windows operating systems.

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