DevOps and Development

How to Use The SSH Config File

January 19, 2023

Do you use the SSH config file? Learn how to utilize the SSH config file to automate and streamline SSH connections.

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How to Append a String in Python

January 18, 2023

Python offers several different ways to append (or concatenate) strings. Learn how each of the methods works and when to use which in this Python guide.

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Linux bc Command with Examples

January 12, 2023

The bc command is a command-line utility in Linux allowing users to perform complex mathematical and arithmetic calculations. This tutorial shows how to use the bc command.

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Windows CMD Commands: Mastering the Command Prompt

January 11, 2023

Windows offers over 280 CMD commands to automate various tasks through the command prompt. Read this guide and grab our free cheat sheet to master the command prompt in no time.

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Bash Single vs. Double Quotes: What's the Difference?

January 5, 2023

Single and double quotes are often used in Bash to instruct the shell how to interpret the input string. This tutorial clarifies the difference between the two quote types.

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How to Install Gitea with Docker on Ubuntu

December 29, 2022

Learn to deploy a Gitea code hosting instance using a Docker container. The article also provides the steps to perform initial configuration of the instance and enable SSH access.

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String Slicing in Python

December 21, 2022

String slicing is a common task when working with long string values. Learn how to slice strings in Python in this guide.

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How to Use Python Struct Functions

December 19, 2022

Python structs help pack and unpack raw byte data. Learn how to use the struct library in this guide through practical examples.

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What Is a Static Method in Python

December 15, 2022

Static methods in Python do not depend on any class or instance data. Learn how to use and write static methods in Python in this guide.

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How to Substring a String in Python

December 13, 2022

Need to take out a substring from a string? Python provides all kinds of methods to work with substrings. Learn how to create and manage substrings in Python through hands-on examples and various use cases.

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