Linux SCP Command Explained: Securely Copy & Transfer Files {13 Examples}

January 19, 2022

Tutorial on securely transferring files between Unix or Linux systems using the SCP command. The SCP or Secure Copy command is a method of encrypting the transmission of files between two computer systems.

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How to Use the dmesg Linux Command

January 18, 2022

The dmesg utility allows you to inspect the kernel ring buffer and check for errors during system startup. This tutorial shows how to use the dmesg command.

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Jenkins Tutorial: Basics for Beginners

January 13, 2022

Jenkins seems overwhelming when just starting out. Follow our guide to learn how to set up and use Jenkins through hands on tutorials.

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How to Use the nslookup Command

Access to Domain Name System (DNS) records of a website is important for troubleshooting network related problems. This tutorial will introduce nslookup, a cross-platform command for querying servers and obtaining domain records.

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What is LAMP Stack?

January 6, 2022

The LAMP stack is a set of open source software used for web application development. For a web application to work smoothly, it has to include an operating system, a web server, a database, and a programming language. The name LAMP is an acronym of the following software: Linux, Apache, MySQL, & PHP.

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How to Use the Linux head Command

January 5, 2022

The head commands lists the first ten lines of a file in standard output. Learn how to use the head command and its options (with examples).

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How to Use the Linux ftp Command

FTP offers an efficient method of transferring files within a secure network. Learn how to use the ftp command in this tutorial.

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Bash Export Variable

December 30, 2021

All the variables the user defines inside a shell are local by default. It means that child processes of the shell do not inherit the values of the shell's variables. To make them available to child processes, the user must export the variables. This tutorial will show you how to export Bash variables in Linux, using the export command.

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Jenkins Logs - Viewing and Customizing

Jenkins is an open-source automation server for code development. Jenkins logs offer a wealth of information about your projects and the Jenkins app itself.

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How to Change Port for Jenkins

December 29, 2021

Jenkins uses port 8080 by default, but it also lets users set a custom port. This tutorial shows you how to change the default Jenkins port in Windows, Linux, and macOS.

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