How to Rename Files in Linux

November 20, 2023

There are several ways to rename files in Linux, including using the GUI and terminal commands. This tutorial shows you how to rename files using the mv and rename commands.

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How to Find Your IP Address in Linux

November 17, 2023

An IP address is a code assigned to a computer on a network. It works as a postal address, ensuring that network traffic is sent to the correct computer. In most cases, your system will have two different IP addresses: an internal IP address and an external IP address. Learn how to find both either by using a GUI or through a command line.

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DNF vs. YUM: Learn the Differences

November 16, 2023

This article compares YUM and DNF, two package managers in RHEL-based Linux distros, helping you choose the right one for your system.

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SCP Command in Linux {13 Examples}

Tutorial on securely transferring files between Unix or Linux systems using the SCP command. The SCP or Secure Copy command is a method of encrypting the transmission of files between two computer systems.

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Measuring Storage and IOPS Performance (Windows, Linux, vCenter)

November 15, 2023

Wondering how your storage is performing? Check out this guide to see how to measure storage and IOPS performance on various platforms.

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How to Resolve the "Temporary failure in name resolution" Error

November 9, 2023

The "Temporary failure in name resolution" error appears when the system is unable to translate a website name into an IP address. While the error can appear due to a lost internet connection, there are multiple other reasons why it may show on your system. This tutorial will guide you through steps need to troubleshoot and fix the error.

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Git Branching Naming Convention: Best Practices to Follow

Branching is an essential part of Git, and naming a branch properly is equally important. Learn about the different naming conventions and choose the ones that suit your needs best.

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How to Fix Error Code 523: Origin Is Unreachable

This article explains what causes Error Code 523 and the most common solutions to fix the error.

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Terraform vs. Kubernetes: What Are the Differences

Automation is one of the most important concepts in software development today. Automating infrastructure speeds up execution of configuration changes, eliminates the human error, and provides the transparency for all the teams across the project. This article provides an overview of two popular automation choices, Terraform and Kubernetes.

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Linux File Permissions Tutorial

November 8, 2023

The file permission feature specifies how much power each user has over a given file or directory. To understand Linuxfile permissions, you need to get to know the different permission classes and levels. Once you have learned how to interpret them, you can move on to modifying and adjusting to your needs.

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