How to Reset or Change MySQL Root Password on Linux or Windows

December 12, 2023

MySQL is a database management system. It’s operated under the Open Source software model and has become a very popular software package for web application software. Like many web services, MySQL has an administrator-level or root password. The root password allows a user to perform all top-level functions in the database.

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Check the MySQL Version on Windows

December 11, 2023

Checking the MySQL version on a system is crucial because it gives you access to the latest bug fixes, security patches, and performance improvements. This article provides five ways to check the MySQL version on Windows.

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Check MySQL Version on macOS

December 7, 2023

Checking the MySQL version installed on a system is important for determining feature compatibility and securing the system. This article shows you how to check the MySQL version installed on your macOS system.

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How to Check Your PostgreSQL Version

December 4, 2023

Use this guide to check your PostgreSQL version with a few straightforward commands. You can retrieve the PostgresSQL version directly from your command line or use an effective SQL statement within the PostgreSQL shell.

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How to List All Databases in PostgreSQL

November 23, 2023

Follow this simple tutorial to learn three different ways to list all databases in PostgreSQL.

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How to Run PostgreSQL on Docker

November 20, 2023

Run PostgreSQL on Docker and set up the database service for simplified application development. This article shows you two ways to run PostgreSQL on Docker as well as how to connect to your database deployed inside the container.

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How to Build a Server

August 17, 2023

This article explains the benefits of building a server, which components to select, and how to assemble them.

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14 Best Open-Source Databases

April 13, 2023

With the rising popularity of open-source databases, it can be hard to choose from sheer number of available options.
This tutorial covers some of the beast open-source database managers.

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PostgreSQL Vs MySQL: A Detailed Comparison

March 30, 2023

Explore the differences between the two most widely used database management systems. PostgreSQL and MySQL are both excellent database solutions, and well suited for most workloads. However, small differences can result in less than optimal performance. Learn all about them by reading this article.

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Database Security

Database security involves all aspects of security. Many unwanted database breaches and information compromises are avoidable when sticking to the best security practices. Learn how you can best secure your data to avoid disasters.

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