Bare Metal Servers

How to Install Proxmox VE

May 21, 2024

Follow this tutorial to install and configure Proxmox, an open-source server platform for enterprise virtualization.

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Setting Up Machine Learning Environments on Bare Metal Cloud GPU Instances

Learn how to deploy and set up a Bare Metal Cloud GPU server to run a machine learning environment. Utilize the Intel openAPI library to optimize the machine learning workload, and choose between setting up TensorFlow or PyTorch.

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Bare Metal Cloud Storage Management via Portal and API

May 8, 2024

This guide provides instructions on how to set up and use the BMC Network File Storage (NFS) feature through the BMC portal and API.

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How to Format USB Drives in Linux

April 30, 2024

USB formatting is done for several reasons, such as deleting data or changing the file system. In this tutorial you will learn how to format a USB drive, wipe it, or recover data from a formatted drive.

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How to Create Partitions in Linux

April 25, 2024

Disk partitions allow users to set up multiple file systems on the same machine, simplify the backup procedure, and improve system security. This step-by-step tutorial teaches you to create a partition in Linux using the parted and fdisk commands.

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NVMe vs. SSD: Exploring the Differences

April 17, 2024

This article explores the key differences between NVMe and SSD technologies. Learn how the two data storage technologies work together to create high-speed data storage.

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NVMe vs. SATA: Storage Comparison & Differences

April 11, 2024

This article explores the differences between NVMe and SATA SSD by comparing their features and use cases.

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NVMe vs. M.2: Comparing Storage Options

NVMe and M.2 are two SSD storage technologies. See how each technology contributes to the storage environment in this guide.

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Scale and Improve Database Performance Using BMC Pliops

February 8, 2024

Learn how the Pliops XDP-powered BMC instance helps scale and improve database performance. See the database and HPC boosts gained from the Pliops card and how to deploy these BMC servers.

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VMware ESXi Alternatives

January 25, 2024

This article explores free VMware ESXi hypervisor alternatives and lists their most important features.

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