Bare Metal Servers

Bare Metal Cloud Portal Quick Start Guide

March 23, 2021

Follow the sections in this Bare Metal Cloud Portal guide to learn how to navigate through the portal. This guide contains everything you need to get started using BMC servers.

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How to Deploy a Bare Metal Cloud Server

This article shows how to deploy a new Bare Metal Cloud server in nine simple steps. Follow the instructions to create a server and view server details successfully.

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How to Use the usermod Command in Linux

March 4, 2021

The usermod command modifies user account details: username, password, home directory location, shell, and more. This tutorial explains and provides examples for the use of the command, along with its options.

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How to Use the wall Command in Linux

February 18, 2021

The wall command allows sending terminal messages to all logged-in users at once. This feature is particularly useful in scenarios when system administrators perform system maintenance tasks, and they need a quick way to inform users they should save their work and log out. This tutorial explains the wall command syntax and options.

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Ansible: Check if a File Exists

December 24, 2020

Ansible allows you to use a single control node to run a variety of tasks on remote hosts, including checking if specific files and folders exist. Learn how in this tutorial.

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How to Set Up Bare Metal Cloud Remote Access VPN

December 17, 2020

Set up remote access via VPN from your desktom/mobile device to a bare metal cloud server. Additionally, learn how to connect two BMC servers through VPN, as well as a BMC server and on-premise equipment.

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Ansible Playbook: How to Create and Configure Playbooks

Ansible is a Code as Infrastructure solution for monitoring and managing remote hosts. This is done by using Ansible playbooks.
This tutorial shows you how to create and run Ansible playbooks.

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How to Access BMC Windows Server

December 15, 2020

Learn how to establish an SSH connection to your new Bare Metal Cloud Windows server using either a key pair or username and password. Follow the requirements to use SSH successfully with your BMC instance.

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How to Create an External Table in Hive

December 9, 2020

External tables in Hive are used to access and query data stored outside of a database. Follow the steps of this tutorial to learn how to create, query and drop external tables.

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How to Set Up a Dedicated Minecraft Server on Linux

December 3, 2020

The main advantages of setting up a Minecraft server with dedicated resources are improved performance, full use of resources and bandwidth, control over mods and plugins, and better security.

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