How to Connect to MySQL Using PHP

April 23, 2024

To access and add content to a MySQL database, you must first establish a connection between the database and a PHP script. In this guide learn how to use PHP to connect to MySQL.

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How to Delete MySQL User Using DROP USER

April 16, 2024

This article covers the basics of using the DROP USER statement to delete MySQL users. Follow the step-by-step instructions to quickly remove one or multiple accounts.

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MySQL Time Zone Explained

April 11, 2024

Your server's MySQL time zone and your own might be out of sync. Read this article to learn 2 ways of editing your MySQL time zone and make it easier for you to read server logs and data.

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How to Fix MySQL 'Command Not Found' in Linux, Windows & macOS

The 'Command Not Found' error is a general error not only found in MYSQL. By learning how to deal with it, you will learn how to fix it in other situations as well. The three major operating systems are covered in this comprehensive tutorial.

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How to Find and Kill a MySQL Process

April 5, 2024

Killing a MySQL process can help you boost the performance of your server. By running a few commands, you can identify which processes might be holding back your system and then kill individual processes or all of them.

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How to Rename Database in MySQL

March 20, 2024

As an administrator, you may need to rename a MySQL database. However, for security, the command to rename a database directly was removed in MySQL 5.1.23. This guide will provide four alternate methods to rename a database.

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How to Import and Export MySQL Database

March 11, 2024

MySQL is a versatile RDBMS that can be used for anything from simple product databases to complex WordPress website. Exporting a database puts it in a dump file that can later be imported to another system. This guide will walk you through how to export the database and import it from a dump file in MySQL.

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How to Install MariaDB on Ubuntu

February 28, 2024

MariaDB is an open source, fully compatible, relational database management system. It is commonly used as a replacement for MySQL due to its fault tolerance, speed, and scalability. In this tutorial, learn how to install MariaDB on Ubuntu.

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How to Fix "Access denied for user root@localhost" MySQL Error

February 13, 2024

When you install MySQL on your system, the root user may not be able to access it. Using the ALTER command, you can modify the root user and allow it access to MySQL.

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MySQL Data Types Explained

February 5, 2024

Data types are important to understand as a name and a data type define each column in a database table. Learn all about MySQL data types and when to use them in this comprehensive guide.

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