Multi-Model Databases

April 29, 2021

Multi-model databases combine different database models into a single backend system. Learn about the use-cases and what the best multi-model databases are currently available on the market in this article.

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8 Best Open-Source Databases

With the rising popularity of open-source databases, it can be hard to choose from sheer number of available options.
This tutorial covers some of the beast open-source database managers.

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MySQL Events and Event Scheduler Guide

April 27, 2021

MySQL events run on a schedule defined by the user. They automate database maintenance and execute tasks periodically. Learn how to use them in this simple tutorial.

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What Is a Graph Database?

April 22, 2021

Introduction Graph databases are NoSQL systems created for exploring correlation within complexly interconnected entities. The structure addresses the limitations found in relational databases by putting a greater accent on the data relationship. The graph database approach allows for more leisurely interconnection exploration, providing answers to complex questions about how data points relate to each other. This article […]

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How To Use MySQL JOINS {With Examples}

April 20, 2021

Introduction JOINS in MySQL are used to combine information located in multiple tables and retrieve that information in a single result. Relational databases contain several logically related tables linked together, and each table contains unique data or common data. JOINS help retrieve data from tables based on a common field between them. In this tutorial, you will […]

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What Is an Object-Oriented Database

April 15, 2021

Object databases integrate seamlessly with object-oriented programming languages. The object-oriented approach to database modeling makes it easier to model complex real-world problems. Learn about how they work and what they can bring to the table in this article.

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MySQL Stored Procedures (Create, List, Alter, & Drop)

April 13, 2021

MySQL stored procedures group multiple tasks into one and save the task on the server for future use. Stored procedures simplify database management and reduce network traffic. Learn how to use stored procedures in this tutorial.

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How To Use MySQL Triggers

April 12, 2021

MySQL triggers provide control over data validation when inserting, updating or deleting data from a database. Learn how to use triggers through an example database and when to use each type of trigger.

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What Is a Spark DataFrame?

March 16, 2021

Thanks to Spark's DataFrame API, we can quickly parse large amounts of data in structured manner. DataFrame API is available for Java, Python or Scala and accepts SQL queries.

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MySQL Data Types

March 4, 2021

Data types are important to understand as a name and a data type define each column in a database table. Learn all about MySQL data types and when to use them in this comprehensive guide.

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