The Bare Metal Cloud (BMC) portal allows you to provision a BMC server quickly. The deploy section now lets you spin up a Windows Server 2019 Standard or Datacenter edition.

You can connect to your server using RDP or the portal’s Remote Console functionality. However, this guide will show you the steps you need to take to SSH into your BMC Windows Server.

How to SSH into Bare Metal Cloud Server Guide

How to SSH into a Server

Logging into a Windows BMC server over SSH is the same as with other Windows servers. Use any OS with an SSH client of your choice to establish a remote connection.

Both key pair and password-based login are available. Follow the instructions below to access your server using SSH.

Use SSH Key Pair to Log into Windows Server

To SSH into your BMC server using a key pair on an Ubuntu or Windows machine, ensure you have the public key ready when provisioning a server.

To deploy a Windows BMC instance and add your public SSH key:

1. Click the Deploy New Server button in the BMC portal.

2. Select the desired location, billing, server configuration, and choose a Windows OS. The prices are used for illustrative purposes.

BMC Portal OS selection

3. Fill in the host details and add the public key in the Public SSH Key Content field.

BMC portal add public ssh key field.

4. Select whether you want to assign public IPs and click Deploy New Server.

5. Save the credentials and close the dialog box. The username is admin, and the password is randomly generated.

Save Windows password dialog box.

6. Follow the status on the Servers page to verify when the process completes.

Note: If you do not add a public SSH key during the BMC server provisioning, the OpenSSH server will not be set up.

PhoenixNAP completes the SSH server setup for you. Once your BMC instance is ready, you can establish a remote connection.

From the local machine:

1. Open the SSH client of your choice.

2. Use the admin username for your connection and the server’s IP. For example:

ssh admin@123.456.789.10

3. The SSH client loads the Command Prompt by default.

Type powershell if you want to load PowerShell instead of the Command Prompt.

Use Admin credentials to SSH into Windows Server

To SSH into your server with Windows credentials, use the admin username and the default password phoenixNAP generated for you during  server deployment.

We strongly recommend changing the password. To do so, use the RDP or the BMC Remote Console to access your server for the first time.

The OpenSSH server is active only for the Windows instance if you added a public SSH key during provisioning.

To SSH into a BMC Windows server using your credentials:

1. Open an SSH client on your local machine.

2. Enter ssh admin@server_ip and the password you saved or changed earlier.

3. The SSH client loads the Command Prompt by default. Type powershell if you want to load PowerShell instead of the Command Prompt.

You can now manage your Windows server over SSH using your credentials.


The instructions in this guide provided the necessary details to SSH into a Bare Metal Cloud Windows server.

To learn how to use the Remote Console feature in the BMC portal, refer to our guide or learn how to set up Bare Metal Cloud Remote Access via VPN.

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