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How to Install Nvidia Drivers on Ubuntu 20.04

March 23, 2021

Ubuntu 20.04 comes with an open-source Nouveau GPU driver out of the box. This driver does not always take full advantage of the GPU's processing power, while the official, proprietary Nvidia drivers offer that possibility. See how to install the proprietary Nvidia drivers for your GPU.

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Bare Metal Cloud Portal Quick Start Guide

Follow the sections in this Bare Metal Cloud Portal guide to learn how to navigate through the portal. This guide contains everything you need to get started using BMC servers.

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How to Deploy a Bare Metal Cloud Server

This article shows how to deploy a new Bare Metal Cloud server in nine simple steps. Follow the instructions to create a server and view server details successfully.

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MEAN Vs. LAMP: Which is Better?

March 16, 2021

LAMP and MEAN are software bundles used to develop web applications. Learn the difference between the two stacks, see their pros and cons and their use cases in our comparison article.

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How to Check CPU Temperature on Linux

March 10, 2021

High temperatures can damage the sensitive components in your machine. Read our tutorial to learn how to monitor CPU, GPU and HDD temperatures on machines running Linux, by using different utilities.

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A Comprehensive Guide to Using Snap Packages on Ubuntu

March 4, 2021

Snap allows you to install apps to your system in a contained manner, keeping their dependencies within the snap package. This tutorial shows how to install snaps, modify them, and configure the options they offer.

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Understanding NoSQL Data Modeling Techniques

February 25, 2021

NoSQL data models are built for speed, efficiency, and scalability. This tutorial covers different techniques for building NoSQL data models.

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How to Install Snap on Ubuntu

Snaps are self-contained application packages with mediated access to the system they are installed on. They have all the required dependencies within that package. This tutorial explains how to install Snap on Ubuntu.

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How to Use the wall Command in Linux

February 18, 2021

The wall command allows sending terminal messages to all logged-in users at once. This feature is particularly useful in scenarios when system administrators perform system maintenance tasks, and they need a quick way to inform users they should save their work and log out. This tutorial explains the wall command syntax and options.

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How to Use the md5sum Command in Linux

February 17, 2021

Validating a file download by comparing its original checksum with the checksum you obtained by checking the file yourself is a reliable way to confirm the integrity of your download. This tutorial shows how to use the Linux md5sum command to verify the integrity of a file.

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