phoenixNAP Offers a Secure Cloud VPN Service Through GoodAccess

phoenixNAP Offers a Secure Cloud VPN Service Through GoodAccess

phoenixNAP announces collaboration with GoodAccess, a flexible SaaS platform enabling secure VPN connections with zero trust access controls

Phoenix, AZ, July 26th, 2022 – phoenixNAP®, a global IT services provider offering security-focused cloud infrastructure, dedicated servers, colocation, and specialized Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) technology solutions, today announced its collaboration with GoodAccess, a vendor of cloud VPN with zero-trust access controls. Organizations looking to secure their business assets can now leverage GoodAccess Cloud VPN solution on top of phoenixNAP infrastructure to minimize the risk of network breaches.

Built to provide an encrypted connection between users and business systems, GoodAccess Cloud VPN improves network security and helps address increased cyber risks in work-from-home environments. By securing employees’ access to a company’s network, GoodAccess Cloud VPN helps protect business data and applications from an intrusion or breach. The solution makes it impossible for malicious actors to detect business systems, helping organizations enable zero-trust policies and ensure advanced protection of their networks.

As a phoenxiNAP recommended Cloud VPN option, GoodAccess can be easily deployed on top of Bare Metal Cloud and other phoenixNAP’s infrastructure solutions. Providing robust network protection through an intuitive interface, GoodAccess adds a critical security layer to a corporate infrastructure.

“Enabling secure network access for employees is vital to maintaining a safe and healthy IT environment”, said Ron Cadwell, CEO of phoenixNAP. “In an effort to provide businesses with advanced security tools and solutions, we collaborated with GoodAccess to offer an easy way to deploy Cloud VPN for network protection. This is particularly important for organizations with remote work policies as it enables their employees to securely access corporate data and systems regardless of where they are located. We are excited to work with GoodAccess and offer its advanced solutions to organizations leveraging phoenixNAP’s infrastructure.”

“Our collaboration with phoenixNAP enables businesses to easily deploy advanced infrastructure and network security technologies to address emerging security concerns”, said Artur Kane, VP of product, GoodAccess. “GoodAccess Cloud VPN helps organizations protect both their assets and their employees by ensuring zero-trust remote access to corporate data. In our effort to deliver secure and compliance-ready solutions at a flexible and affordable model, we are aligned with phoenixNAP and we are looking forward to helping businesses take their security to a new level.”

Through its diverse infrastructure-as-a-service portfolio, phoenixNAP enables organizations to build stable and secure IT environments at an opex-based model. They can leverage a wide variety of security and availability solutions to ensure advanced data protection, business continuity, and compliance-readiness. phoenixNAP’s solutions are available from strategic locations in the U.S., Europe, and Asia-Pacific, providing global reach and consistent connectivity worldwide.

As one of phenixNAP’s most agile infrastructure solutions, Bare Metal Cloud enables development teams to automatically deploy dedicated servers and manage them easily through API or IaC tools. Its flexible hourly and monthly billing models make it possible for organizations to optimize their budget and easily scale resources as their demands grow. GoodAccess Cloud VPN can be easily added to Bare Metal Cloud as a network protection option to ensure advanced environment security.

Learn how to enable remote teams to securely access your corporate network. Join an expert webinar hosted by phoenixNAP and GoodAccess. Click here to register.

Visit phoenixNAP’s website to learn more about its infrastructure solutions or deploy your Bare Metal Cloud instance in minutes.

About GoodAccess

GoodAccess is the global company dedicated to simplifying “anytime, anywhere” secure connectivity and access for small and medium businesses around the world, beginning with its free GoodAccess Starter product for unlimited usage for up to 100 employees. For companies with the need for static IP addresses, Zero Trust access and other requirements, GoodAccess provides a competitively priced platform that maintains simplicity and ease of use. GoodAccess products are designed for set-up within 10 minutes and the flexibility to meet varying conditions.