phoenixNAP Enables One-Click Kubernetes Deployments in Bare Metal Cloud

phoenixNAP Enables One-Click Kubernetes Deployments in Bare Metal Cloud

phoenixNAP further enhances its Bare Metal Cloud integration with SUSE Rancher to streamline deployments of enterprise k8s

Phoenix, AZ, May 19th, 2022 – phoenixNAP®, a global IT services provider offering security-focused cloud infrastructure, dedicated servers, colocation, and specialized Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) technology solutions, today announced another major update to its Bare Metal Cloud (BMC) platform. Developers can now leverage Bare Metal Cloud to provision multi-node, geo-distributed workload clusters through SUSE Rancher. The platform now supports streamlined deployment of high availability (HA) Kubernetes workload clusters alongside dedicated management clusters. This feature further enhances app and service resilience and availability in production environments.

phoenixNAP’s Bare Metal Cloud Rancher solution was built to help organizations accelerate container adoption and save developers hours of environment setup work. The platform uses the open-source software stack to enable one-click deployment of HA upstream and downstream clusters. Instead of using various tools to build container platforms from scratch, the solution lets DevOps teams create a production-ready K8s environment via a single POST request.

Using the BMC portal, API, or CLI, developers can now deploy pre-configured K8s worker nodes at the same or different location from their management cluster. The solution deploys both clusters on the user’s default backend network and automatically assigns respective tags for easy distinction and management. After provisioning the workload cluster, users can easily access Rancher UI to scale and additionally tweak their cluster nodes.

Developers can also access, manage, and scale their instances via kubectl. The integrated controller allows users to optimize the performance of their containerized apps and services without leaving Kubernetes.

“Through Bare Metal Cloud’s integration with SUSE Rancher, DevOps teams can build a Kubernetes infrastructure with no single point of failure in less than 5 minutes”, said Ian McClarty, President of phoenixNAP. “Cost-effective, highly available, and easily consumable, Bare Metal Cloud is a perfect fit for a range of enterprise workloads deployed anywhere from the core to the edge. Our latest release further demonstrates our commitment to continuously improving the platform to ensure it meets the needs of automation-driven development.”

“By integrating our API-driven dedicated servers with the most popular cloud-agnostic orchestration management tool, we’ve taken “Kubernetes-ready” to a whole new level”, said William Bell, Executive Vice President of Products at phoenixNAP. “Firstly, this solution helps developers get code and apps out faster without the overhead of manually setting up an environment that supports their workloads. Secondly, Bare Metal Cloud gives apps and services direct access to dedicated hardware resources, eliminating the “noisy neighbor” effect. This further optimizes the performance of containers distributed across teams and environments.”

Designed with an API-first approach in mind, Bare Metal Cloud enables automated provisioning of physical servers in under 60 seconds. Integrated with popular IaC tools such as Terraform, Ansible, and Pulumi, the platform lets developers align it with their CI/CD pipelines and manage it as code. With access to SDKs for Ruby, Python, and Go on GitHub, DevOps teams can further expand Bare Metal Cloud capabilities for their specific use cases.

“Since we first launched SUSE Rancher solution on Bare Metal Cloud in July 2021, we’ve been carefully listening to our user feedback. We’ve invested considerable effort into improving the platform to meet the needs of its users. Today, Bare Metal Cloud is a comprehensive, turnkey solution for anyone looking to either adopt enterprise Kubernetes without climbing its steep learning curve or optimize the performance of existing container deployments.” said Martin Wielomski, Director of Products at phoenixNAP.

At a fraction of the cost of public cloud solution, Bare Metal Cloud gives organizations cloud-like flexibility and scalability supporting their cloud-native initiatives. All it takes is a couple of clicks from within the intuitive web portal or a simple API call to get HA Kubernetes clusters ready for production workloads.

Bare Metal Cloud comes with 15 TB of free bandwidth pool for all instances deployed in a single location (5 TB in Singapore). Coupled with up to 50 Gbps bonded network capacity and 20 Gbps of free DDoS protection, the platform offers a robust, yet cost-effective network for seamless connectivity.

For more information on the solution, visit phoenixNAP’s product page. Access a detailed list of Bare Metal Cloud instances and pricing here.

Bare Metal Cloud features:

  • 100% dedicated physical CPU, RAM, and storage
  • 40+ server instance types optimized for general-purpose, compute, memory, or edge workloads
  • Up to 50 Gbps network capacity with private networking options
  • 15 TB free bandwidth with flexible bandwidth packages
  • Easy-to-use API and CLI tools
  • Automated server provisioning with Infrastructure as Code tools (Terraform, Ansible, Pulumi, Chef, and Puppet)
  • Repos, Actions, and SDKs available on GitHub
  • Hourly billing option, discounts for monthly and yearly reservations