phoenixNAP to Launch Encryption Management Platform powered by Fortanix and Intel®

phoenixNAP to Launch Encryption Management Platform powered by Fortanix and Intel®

Encryption key management soon to become integrated with phoenixNAP’s IaaS platforms

Phoenix, AZ, May 19th, 2021 – phoenixNAP®, a global IT services provider offering security-focused cloud infrastructure, dedicated servers, colocation, and specialized Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) technology solutions, today announced the upcoming launch of an Encryption Management Platform (EMP) powered by Fortanix and Intel® technologies. As a pervasive data security solution that provides cryptographic services, secrets management, and tokenization, the Fortanix platform will add a critical security capability to phoenixNAP’s solutions.

With the escalation of cyber threats and risks, encryption has become one of the vital steps to ensuring business operability. The 2021 Global Encryption Trends Study by Entrust* reveals that 50 percent of organizations surveyed have an encryption management strategy that is applied consistently throughout their organization. The study also reports that only 42 percent of respondents use encryption for customer data, while almost two-thirds struggle to ensure security of data across multiple cloud environments.

Recognizing these trends, phoenixNAP seeks to provide a comprehensive centralized solution to manage encryption, keys, and secrets across public, private, and hybrid clouds. Powered by Fortanix® Data Security Manager (DSM) enabled by Intel® Software Guard Extensions, phoenixNAP’s Encryption Management Platform provides a centralized place for setting up, managing, and controlling encryption keys, tokens, and secrets across different environments. As an easy-to-use, automation-friendly solution, the platform helps organizations overcome the bottlenecks of deploying and managing their cryptographic keys. Already integrated with phoenixNAP’s Data Security Cloud, the solution will soon become available on its Bare Metal Cloud and Dedicated Server platforms.

“Fortanix has built a robust solution for today’s cloud needs to address one of the key pain points of modern organizations,” said William Bell, EVP of Products at phoenixNAP.
“By offering a streamlined, powerful, and automation-friendly encryption key management solution, it helps organizations enhance their security and meet their compliance goals. We are excited to work with them on enabling easy access to their platform for our clients, as well as on developing unique new confidential computing solutions. Leveraging industry leading hardware technologies, we will provide a new level of security within our Data Security Cloud platform and our partnership with Fortanix was key to enabling this.”

phoenixNAP’s Encryption Management Platform offers a set of security features based on Fortanix technology. As the world’s first unified key management platform built on FIPS 140-2 level 3 certified HSM, Fortanix provides an advanced level of security including confidential computing capabilities using specialized hardware by Intel. Through its traditional cryptographic interfaces (PKCS#11, KMIP, and more), as well as native RESTful interface, organizations can easily connect and manage their cryptographic key across different cloud environments. Fortanix’s DSM is the first application to run inside of SGX-powered a Runtime Cryptography Capsule, enabling application code to run in a hardware encrypted trusted context for additional security.

Intel is committed to enabling partners to do more with data center technologies. The integration of the SGX-powered Fortanix solution with phoenixNAP’s IaaS platforms provides cloud-based HSM and key management capabilities to manage encryption for any application in any cloud. Easy to deploy, manage, and scale, EMP demonstrates the potential of innovative technology partnerships to build secure and reliable solutions for everyone,” said Richard Curran, Chief Security Officer, Datacenter Group Sales Intel Corporation.

“phoenixNAP and Intel helped us deliver the advanced Fortanix capabilities on an as-a-service basis. Businesses today have their data spread across multiple clouds, databases, and systems. We secure all this data with a centralized scalable solution using encryption and tokenization. All the keys and secrets are stored within secure enclaves enabled by Intel® SGX, ensuring isolation and eliminating the risk of breach. Integrated with phoenixNAP’s IaaS platforms, the solution is easy to access and manage, enabling organizations to orchestrate their cryptographic keys without complexities,” explained Ambuj Kumar, Co-founder and CEO, Fortanix.

phoenixNAP’s Encryption Management Platform will soon be available with solutions based on 3rd Gen Intel Xeon Scalable Processors (codenamed Ice Lake). Providing access to Intel SGX, the latest generation CPUs will enable data-in-use encryption through Trusted Execution Environments (TEE), known as enclaves. This adds a critical new layer of security for sensitive workloads, ensuring advanced protection and compliance-readiness.

The solution is already available with phoenixNAP’s Data Security Cloud product, offering VM Encryption and Volume Encryption for improved visibility and control over VMware clusters. Integrated into the Advanced product package and available as an add-on service in the Essentials plan, the service offers a unique encryption management model for organizations looking to improve data protection and achieve compliance. Easy to deploy, scale, and manage, EMP is a convenient tool for organizations of different sizes and workloads.

In Q2 2021, EMP will become available across other phoenixNAP’s product platforms.

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