phoenixNAP Provides Dedicated Network Link to Google Cloud via Google Cloud Interconnect

phoenixNAP Provides Dedicated Network Link to Google Cloud via Google Cloud Interconnect

Faster and more secure data migrations from on-prem to Google Cloud through Google Cloud Interconnect out of phoenixNAP.

Phoenix, AZ, February 23, 2021 – phoenixNAP®, a global IT services provider offering security-focused cloud infrastructure, dedicated servers, colocation, and specialized Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) technology solutions, today announced that its Phoenix data center now offers a dedicated physical network connection to Google Cloud via Google Cloud Interconnect. This positions phoenixNAP as the first Google Cloud Interconnect (GCI) location in Arizona.

With GCI, phoenixNAP customers get a dedicated, low-latency, and highly secure link to Google Cloud services. This connection ensures a stable and consistent network experience when transferring large volumes of data from on-prem environments to Google Cloud. By making fewer network hops, latency-sensitive organizations can interact with Google Cloud services without worrying about availability and performance issues that arise from potential network failures or data transfer disruptions.

Connecting to Google Cloud through phoenixNAP, customers can leverage network transfer speeds of either 10 Gbps or 100 Gbps. This dedicated high-speed network connection delivers greater reliability, consistency, and security compared to migrating data over a standard public Internet connection. As part of GCI, phoenixNAP helps customers reduce their data transfer costs to Google Cloud by eliminating the need to purchase additional bandwidth.

“Welcoming GCI into our Phoenix data center brings Google Cloud closer to our customers, which in turn opens the door for new possibilities and greater flexibility in building and delivering hybrid and multi-cloud environments,” said Ian McClarty, President of phoenixNAP.
“Network stability and speed play a critical role in ensuring businesses reap all the benefits of cloud computing. As more of them transition to the cloud over the public Internet, performance, security, and latency issues become apparent. However, by leveraging a dedicated physical network connection through GCI, our customers benefit from increased network stability, fast transfer speeds, and improved security when migrating data to Google Cloud.”

Along with GCI, phoenixNAP’s flagship data center in Phoenix, Arizona offers more than 40 network, telecom, and bandwidth carriers. As a carrier-neutral data center, phoenixNAP is the interconnectivity hub in the US Southwest region that provides access to major domestic and global networks.

Customer benefits of GCI at phoenixNAP:

  • Consistent performance — Customers can quickly transfer workloads and data from on-prem environments to Google Cloud with minimal latency and without worrying about network interruptions.
  • Enhanced security — phoenixNAP provides a dedicated network connection to Google Cloud that is isolated from the public Internet.
  • Global connectivity — With a presence in major world markets, phoenixNAP’s global network backbone enables customers to deliver their services closer to their users anywhere in the world, thus reducing latency and improving performance.
  • Cost savings — With flexible networking and bandwidth billing options, customers only pay for the resources they consume, allowing them to save on data transfer costs, especially when moving large volumes of data to Google Cloud.

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