phoenixNAP Launches a Bare Metal Cloud Edge at American Tower Edge Data Center in Austin, Texas

phoenixNAP Launches a Bare Metal Cloud Edge at American Tower Edge Data Center in Austin, Texas

phoenixNAP works with American Tower to deploy cloud edge architecture for its Bare Metal Cloud platform in Austin, Texas

Phoenix, AZ, March 1st, 2022 – phoenixNAP®, a global IT services provider offering security-focused cloud infrastructure, dedicated servers, colocation, and specialized Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) technology solutions, today announced the launch of its Bare Metal Cloud (BMC) edge location in Austin, Texas. Deployed at an American Tower Edge Data Center, this location provides low-latency access (10 milliseconds) to Bare Metal Cloud out of the United States Southwest locations.

As a global communications infrastructure provider, American Tower owns and operates an extensive portfolio of communications sites and data centers, which provide the critical infrastructure for numerous wireless and emerging applications. With multiple Edge Data Centers deployed and in development, a well-located network of larger data center facilities throughout the U.S. and a portfolio of approximately 43,000 U.S. tower sites, American Tower is positioned to leverage 5G to help businesses adopt high-bandwidth, low-latency applications and a wide variety of next-generation, emerging technologies.

Bare Metal Cloud deployment in the American Tower Edge Data Center in Austin uses an innovative architecture to deliver advanced network speeds. Through multiple virtual cross-connects to a Megaport Cloud Router, the traffic is routed from the edge to phoenixNAP’s other locations in the U.S., accelerating transfer speeds and connectivity. As such, Bare Metal Cloud edge instances are particularly convenient for next-generation workloads using 5G transports or services built on top of 5G.

“5G workloads are the future of business, and we are adapting our service offering to meet market demands,” said Ian McClarty, President of phoenixNAP. “Our collaboration with American Tower is instrumental for us to meet this goal. Through our edge installation, we will provide low-latency access to Bare Metal Cloud out of most locations in the U.S. Southwest, enabling users to streamline latency-sensitive and high-bandwidth applications. We are excited to start the year with such a major announcement, and we appreciate the help and support of the American Tower team in making this possible.”

“Our edge infrastructure is built to enable innovative service offerings for new markets, such as Bare Metal Cloud,” said Eric Watko, Vice President, Product Line Management, American Tower. “We are all witnessing the inflection point in the business ecosystem, with edge computing becoming essential to delivering new advanced services and applications globally. Allowing more businesses to innovate through technology is a mission we share with phoenixNAP.”

To learn more about phoenixNAP’s API-driven bare metal servers, visit the Bare Metal Cloud page. For customized options, view phoenixNAP’s  dedicated server configurations.

Bare Metal Cloud Features:

  • 100% dedicated resources
  • No “noisy neighbors”
  • 15 TB free bandwidth included (5 TB in Singapore)
  • 30+ server instance types
  • Up to 50 Gbps network capacity
  • 20 Gbps DDoS protection
  • Private networking options
  • Easy-to-use API and CLI tools
  • Certified Infrastructure as Code modules (Terraform, Ansible, Pulumi)
  • Pay-per-use billing, monthly and yearly reservation options
  • Global infrastructure footprint, with low-latency network access