phoenixNAP IT Glossary


What Is System Management?
What Is SRAM (Static Random Access Memory)?
What Is Security Virtualization (Virtualized Security)?
What Is a Security Patch?
What Is a Session Key?
What Is Session Management?
What Is a Single Page Application (SPA)?
What Is Security Service Edge (SSE)?
What Is SD-Branch?
What Is Sender Policy Framework (SPF)?
What Is a Software Release?
What Is a Semiconductor?
What Is Storage Virtualization?
What Is a Spam Email?
What Is Software Engineering?
What Is Signature-Based Detection?
What Is Syntax Highlighting?
What Is Scareware?
What Is a Single Point of Failure (SPOF)?
Swap Partition vs Swap File
What Is Software-Defined Compute?
What Is Storage Resource Management?
What Is Software Delivery?
What Is Storage Hypervisor?
What Is Server Provisioning?
What Is Storage Management?
What Is Software-Defined Storage (SDS)?
What Is a System-On-A-Chip?
What Is SAP NetWeaver?
What Is SAP Business Suite?
What Is a Script?
What Is Software as a Service (SaaS)?
What Is Server Workload?
What Is a Supercomputer?
What Is Software Defined Infrastructure?
What Is Single Sign-On SSO?
Software vs Program
SQL Definition - What Is SQL?
What Is SSD?
What Is a System Administrator (Sysadmin Definition)?
What Is Structured Data?
What Is Semi-Structured Data?
What Is a Static IP Address?
What Is Software Defined Networking?
What Is SMP?
What Is Safe Mode?
What Is Stalkerware?
What Is SIMM (Single In-line Memory Module)?
What Is a Serial Port?
What Is SATA (Serial Advanced Technology Attachment)?
What Is Spyware?
What Is Shareware?
Search Engine Definition
What Is a Subdirectory?
SMTP Definition (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol)
What Is SSID?
What Is Sandbox?
What Is a Subdomain?
What Is a Splog?
What Is a Socket?
What Is Source Code?
What Is a Server Deployment?
What Is Scalability?
Shared Hosting Definition
What is the Server Name Indication (SNI) Protocol?
What Is Subnet Mask?
What Is Secure Web Gateway?
What Is Secret Key Cryptography?
What is Secret Key?
What is S HTTP (Secure HTTP)?
What Is SAML (Security Assertion Markup Language)?
What is SI (System Integrator)?
What is SOAP?
What Is Semantic Data Model?
What Is Storage Quality of Service?
What Is SDSL (Symmetric Digital Subscriber Line)?
What is SAN (Storage Area Network)?
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