phoenixNAP IT Glossary


What Is APFS (Apple File System)?
What Is Application Delivery?
What Is Autonomous System Number?
ACPI Definition (Advanced Configuration and Power Interface)
What Is Abstract Syntax Notation One (ASN.1)?
What Is an Active Partition?
What Is Application Monitoring?
What Is Absolute Path?
What Is an API Key?
What Is Application Retirement?
What Is Application Release Automation (ARA)?
What Is Autonomous Workspace?
What Is Anywhere Operations?
What Is Application Management?
What Is Application Virtualization?
What Is Allowlisting?
What Is Application Refactoring?
What Is Application Modernization?
What Is Angry IP Scan?
What Is an Algorithm?
What Is AWS Direct Connect?
What Is Assembly Language?
What Is ARP (Address Resolution Protocol)?
What Is AI as a Service (AIaaS)?
What Is Application Migration?
What Is Application Automation?
What Is ARM Processor?
What Is Application Lifecycle Management?
What Is Agile Infrastructure?
Artificial Intelligence Definition
What Is AMD64?
What Is Anonymous Proxy?
What Is ACK?
What Is Application Deployment?
What Is an Application?
What Is Agile Manifesto?
What Is Authentication?
What Is an API Server?
What Is ActiveX Control?
What Is an ASCII File?
What Is ActiveX?
What Is Anonymous FTP?
What Is an Absolute URL?
What Is Apache?
What Is Availability?
What Is Advanced Message Queuing Protocol (AMQP)?
What Is an Active Data Dictionary?
What Is Accredited Standards Committee (ASC)?
What Is an Access Method?
What Is Application Management Outsourcing (AMO)?
What Is an Access Point (AP)?
What Is Architected Rapid Application Development (ARAD)?
What Is Agile Methodology?
What Is Application Architecture?
What Is an Applet?
What is American Standard Code For Information Interchange (ASCII)?
API Definition - What is an API?
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Term of the day

What Is Response Time?

Response time is a performance metric that measures the time taken to react to the input. The response time represents the total wait time (queue) and service time (request fulfillment).

The measurement applies to various computing technologies, such as database queries, memory handling, webpage loading, and computer networking. Low response time indicates better performance.

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