phoenixNAP IT Glossary


What Is Cloud Hypervisor?
What Is a Codebase?
What Is Ceph?
What Is a Computer Rack or Server Rack?
What Is Cloud Provisioning?
What Is Computer Aided Software Engineering (CASE)?
Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability (CIA) Explained
What Is CMS (Content Management System)?
What Is a Cloud Application?
What Is Copy-on-Write (CoW)
What Is a Cybercriminal?
What Is CVE (Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures)?
What Is a Config File?
What Is Control Language (CL)?
What Is Configuration Management?
What Is Code Folding?
What Is Cloud ROI?
What Is Command Prompt?
What Is Ciphertext?
What Is Cyber Espionage?
What Is Cloud Scalability?
What Is Cloud TCO?
What Is Cloud Orchestration?
What Is Cloud Elasticity?
What Is a Cloud Desktop?
What Is Cloud Economics?
What Is a Cyber Incident?
What Is Cloud as a Service (CaaS)?
What Is Command-Line Interface (CLI)?
Cloud Terminology Glossary: 40 Cloud Terms
What Is CIDR (Classless Inter-Domain Routing)?
What Is Cryptojacking?
What Is a Conditional Statement in Programming?
What Is a Canary Deployment?
What Is Command and Control Server (C&C Server)?
What Is Computer Vision?
What Is a Cloud Provider?
C vs C++
What Is C Programming Language?
What Is C++ Programming Language?
What Is Commodity Hardware?
What Is a Control Panel?
What Is CISC (Complex Instruction Set Computer)?
What Is a Cipher?
What Is Cloud Foundry?
What Is Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF)?
What Is CapEx (Capital Expenditure)?
What Is Container as a Service?
What Is a Cloud Instance?
What Is a Certificate Authority (CA)?
What Is a Captive Portal?
What Is Cloud Sprawl?
What Is Converged Infrastructure?
What Is Common Gateway Interface?
What Is Continuous Deployment?
What Is Cache?
What Is Cyberspace?
What Is Cloud Waste?
What Is Code on Demand?
CPU Definition - What Is CPU?
What Is a Cloud Server?
CSS Definition
What Is ClickOps?
What Is cPanel?
What Is a Chat Server?
What Is a CDN (Content Delivery Network)?
What Is a Compiler?
What Is Common Language Infrastructure (CLI)?
What is a Chief Information Officer (CIO)?
What Is Cloud Email?
What is CIRT (Cyber Incident Response Team)?
What Is Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB)?
What Is a Cache Server?
What is CPU Bound?
What is a Client Server?
What is a Checksum?
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Term of the day

What Is IRQ (Interrupt Request)?

An IRQ (interrupt request) is a signal sent by a hardware component to the CPU that interrupts the execution of a program and runs the interrupt handler code associated with the request. For example, when a user presses a key on the keyboard, the keyboard controller sends an IRQ to the processor, prompting it to read the user input.

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