TBI & Ascent Aerospace


TBI & Ascent Aerospace

How TBI with phoenixNAP improved efficiency and brought unparalleled security to Ascent Aerospace

Since 2012 Ascent Aerospace has been a global, world-class manufacturer of highprecision aerospace tooling and assembly lines. As the industry’s largest tooling group in the world, the company understands the market trends and requirements of delivering best-in-class service and quality. To establish and secure the highest level performance and customer satisfaction, the company is providing turn-key solutions from a single source. As an automation provider and production system integrator, it's no wonder that Ascent Aerospace is one of the most prominent players in the aerospace industry. To deliver their clients customer support through highly automated processes, they needed a highly scalable, secure, and efficient Infrastructure.

phoenixNAP’s experienced sales engineers created a customized solution that met all the customer's infrastructure needs. You can rely on the phoenixNAP team. They are responsive, flexible, and provided a fantastic solution and customer experience.

Scott Kamper, Channel Manager, TBI


The customer’s greatest challenge was maintaining its critical and complex “always-on” compute infrastructure; supporting processes approval, certification, and management to ensure full industry compliance as well as the customer’s performance expectations. Seeking to improve on its complex process, phoenixNAP needed to provide a higher level of expert responsiveness in supporting vital cloud infrastructure- making it efficient, productive, and secure. This was the primary reason Telecom Brokerage Inc. (TBI) felt confident bringing such a high-profile aerospace manufacturer to phoenixNAP. PhoenixNAP's Data Security Cloud (DSC) solution met their infrastructure specifications, server requirements, security, and compliance needs. Confident phoenixNAP possessed the expertise and skillsets necessary to help Ascent Aerospace optimize critical compute operations, it's no wonder TBI chose phoenixNAP. Moreover, phoenixNAP's SOC-audited processes ensured a timely implementation. By providing expert consulting and assistance throughout its implementation, phoenixNAP became TBI's #1 choice.


The customer was searching for an Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) provider that could also deliver strong support for a powerful new turn-key solution that met industry regulations and security demands. DSC was the perfect solution that leveraged phoenixNAP’s powerful cloud infrastructure that could also manage backups, meet security demands, and enable monitoring and visibility to all connected systems. It is designed to be "the world's most secure platform", to protect sensitive, missioncritical data and establish an “always-on” cloud infrastructure environment for Ascent’s production, QA, and Dev operations. phoenixNAP’ DSC could dedicate resources to their virtual cloud environment by setting it apart from other workloads, ensuring a fully private cloud computing environment. This way, phoenixNAP enabled 24/7/365 uptime for day-to-day critical operations. In addition to our DSC platform, Ascent Aerospace took advantage of phoenixNAP’s Cloud Back-up with Veeam. Using Veeam replication software, this robust service allows Ascent to schedule snapshots of their vital on-prem systems for retention of their critical workloads. With Veeam and VMware combined, phoenixNAP was able to provide Ascent Aerospace the ultimate secure cloud network, ensuring always-on compute capabilities that offered greater control, visibility, cloud back- up, plus more responsive expert support across their company’s multi-site operations.


TBI, as the Master Agent, provided Ascent Aerospace great consultation by partnering with phoenixNAP's team of engineers to meet critical SLAs, delivering a Data Security Cloud as the ultimate, secure compute model. DSC is built as a multi-tenant, secure, hosted cloud infrastructure platform with strict visualization and segmentation controls, PCI certified to deliver the best cloud security. Powered by VMware, Intel, and Veeam as the best technology vendor-alliance in its class, phoenixNAP can continually monitor and fix vulnerabilities that could jeopardize the integrity of Ascent Aerospace’s infrastructure. phoenixNAP is a VMware Verified Cloud Service provider, and a Veeam National Platinum CSP Partner offering the highest level of Cloud Services with integration & interoperability, which enables easy access to the full set of capabilities of cloud infrastructure.

Offering this option through the trusted partnership of phoenixNAP and TBI, Ascent Aerospace can better meet the needs of today’s manufacturers in a demanding, modern business world. TBI, together with phoenixNAP, helped grow their business, realize more sales, and improve customer satisfaction. Our mutual dedication to providing available leading-edge IaaS solutions to today’s businesses ensure that Ascent Aerospace will continue its long and successful business trends.

Our partnership with phoenixNAP has allowed us to speed up delivery of key services to our users. The solution gives us the control we need without the burden of supporting the whole infrastructure. This is key to our strategy of delivering service to a global organization with a small IT team. Marc and the team at phoenixNAP took the time to understand what we were asking for, tailored a solution to satisfy both our technical and budgetary needs, and executed in a very short amount of time.

Jeremy Nutting, Director of IT, Ascent Aerospace
TBI & Ascent Aerospace


    Ascent Aerospace
    United States, Europe
    Aerospace Industry
    Customer’s greatest challenge was overcoming poor, delayed service & support from their cloud infrastructure provider. Lengthy response times to open service tickets were proving unacceptable and problematic. The resulting delays to their day-to-day operations were so significant throughout their multi-site footprint that it was necessary to seek a more reliable cloud provider.
    phoenixNAP’s Data Security Cloud (DSC) to provide a secure, “always-on” cloud infrastructure environment, supported by a SOCaudited NOC team of technicians.
    Improved customer satisfaction and productivity. Increased revenue with a highly available, scalable, cost-effective, and secure cloud infrastructure.

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TBI & Ascent Aerospace

Find Out How TBI with phoenixNAP improved efficiency and brought unparalleled security to Ascent Aerospace

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