Data Security Cloud Helps Kaligent Improve Security Posture and Reduce Infrastructure Overhead

A Phoenix-based provider of healthcare and life science software products and services easily manages multi-layered infrastructure security, switching its focus on delivering better software products and services.

Kaligent are a software product and service provider based in Phoenix, Arizona. Their clients operate in the healthcare and life science industries, and they include molecular testing laboratories, oncology practices, and genomic research organizations. The company’s solution portfolio covers everything from process automation to precision medicine software development and compliance support. Guided by the vision of better data stewardship and security, Kaligent seek to democratize data through flexible, yet cost-effective solutions that improve patient care. Kaligent currently aim to expand the solution toolkit of KaligentOne, their secure platform for data, analytics, and application integration. The platform leverages various technologies, such as machine learning, deep learning, and AI.

Benefits for Kaligent working with phoenixNAP included flexibility, the availability of the latest technologies as well as a fantastic team who has been there to help us every step of the way.

James Lowey, President, Kaligent


The customer struggled to find an infrastructure solution that provided the required security without substantial time and capital investment. Given the nature of the data handled by Kaligent, the platform needed to be HIPAA-ready and thus protected from top to bottom.

However, the company lacked the resources to manage such an infrastructure in-house.

For a business of Kaligent’s size, setting up and maintaining the required servers and backup and disaster recovery options was not only cost-prohibitive but also time-consuming. Beyond that, building such an infrastructure from scratch called for in-house technical expertise to manage any issues that arise.

Colocation could have remedied the overhead problem, but buying expensive hardware, configuring servers, and paying for licensing would have proven beyond their budget.

All factors considered, an opex, as-a-service solution with an emphasis on security and compliance was the best option for Kaligent’s needs.

We wanted to focus our efforts on developing and improving our software. But our tight budget and staff shortage prevented us from deploying our own infrastructure, especially one with strict security standards our applications and workloads demand. The administrative overhead would have simply been too much for us to keep up with.

Ed Shaffer, CSO, Kaligent


Kaligent were looking for an Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) that offered flexibility, industry-leading technologies, and a committed team for support.

Their C-suite was already aware of phoenixNAP. TGen, Kaligent’s parent company, had already made use of phoenixNAP’s Bare Metal Cloud and Hardware-as-a-Service offerings to accelerate performance and ensure data security and compliance.

After consultations and a successful field trial, Kaligent decided that Data Security Cloud (DSC) best aligned with their business goals. As a compliance-ready platform with high-performance hardware, and multi-layered data protection, DSC covered all the bases for a secure, highly redundant environment, integral to Kaligent’s ability to deliver its products and services.

DSC gave them on-demand access to next-gen technologies, including integrated cloud backups, encryption, and micro-segmentation. Moreover, DSC is hosted in phoenixNAP’s enterprise-grade SOC-1, SOC-2, and SOC-3 audited facility and is HIPAA-ready, making it easy for Kaligent to comply with federal regulations.

Kaligent decided on the Data Security Cloud Essential plan. DSC Essential’s security-oriented technology stack allowed Kaligent to shift their focus from data protection to building better software for their clients. Some features include:

  • Integrated Veeam® backup (50% of allocated storage)
  • Sophos® Central Intercept X Advanced for Server for threat detection and monitoring
  • Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors with Intel® Advanced Encryption
  • VMware® NSX to isolate VMs and contain lateral network penetration
  • Monthly-billed, opex-friendly plan
  • 24/7 support from phoenixNAP’s in-house SOC experts

If their infrastructure requires it in the future, Kaligent can switch to a different DSC plan and gain access to various other data protection features. For example, the DSC Advanced plan throws in Sophos® Central Intercept X Advanced for Server with Endpoint Detection and Response for antivirus protection. Also, the Advanced plan boasts the Alert Logic Managed Detection and Response feature that enables early intrusion detection of malware and malicious activity.

With the help of phoenixNAP’s experts, Kaligent’s IT team was able to configure, deploy, isolate, and control VM instances at an affordable price and with low maintenance requirements. This gave Kaligent easy access to an infrastructure that protects their sensitive data while still handling heavy, scale-out workloads with ease.

With DSC, we were able to keep infrastructure costs in check and build out our secure environments with minimal administrative overhead, which is important when you are running a lean operation. That kind of freedom, flexibility, and peace of mind enabled us to better support our software development efforts at scale.

James Lowey, President, Kaligent


phoenixNAP’s Data Security Cloud provided Kaligent with a custom-fit, fully managed infrastructure powered by best-of-breed technology. This platform excels at protecting data and detecting threats like malware, while providing a consistent compute performance. Furthermore, Kaligent could rely on phoenixNAP’s expert team to jump in and quickly resolve pending issues.

By leveraging this solution, Kaligent greatly optimized their productivity. The benefits of DSC include:

  • On-demand deployment of a compliant and reliable infrastructure
  • Offloading the expenses and time needed for managing a robust IT environment
  • Flexibility in building the infrastructure to support their software development efforts
  • Highly redundant platform with integrated backups
  • Optimized IT spend and improved cost control through the platform management portal
  • Helpful team of cloud experts ready to assist every step of the way

With the help of phoenixNAP and its Data Security Cloud, Kaligent are positioned to successfully scale out their operations. They now enjoy high compute capabilities and a truly secure infrastructure that can accommodate their future projects on short notice. Their developers can dedicate themselves to rolling out better software, knowing their efforts are supported by a thoroughly protected platform.

Organizations that are struggling with ever-rising costs do not have the time and resources needed to transform their technical debt and invest in infrastructure that will supply data and insights at scale. If they want to compete in the next decade, they will need subscription-based offerings that allow a pay-per-use consumption model. phoenixNAP enabled Kaligent to move forward with a powerful yet sustainable platform.

James Lowey, President, Kaligent


    Phoenix, Arizona, United States
    Software products and services for healthcare and life science automation, analytics, and insights
    • Needed a cost-effective, compliance-ready infrastructure with appropriate security measures.
    • No ability to deploy development, test, or production instances without sizeable CapEx or time investment.
    • Excessive workload necessary to maintain a secure solution.
    • Lacked a flexible hosting provider readily available for assistance.
    phoenixNAP’s Data Security Cloud
    • Secure, highly redundant, HIPAA-ready infrastructure up and running in days.
    • Cost-effective, high-performance environment with lower TCO.
    • Offloaded infrastructure overhead, leaving more time for software development.
    • Multi-layered software and hardware-based data protection.
    • Access to next-gen networking, compute, and security technologies.

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Learn How Data Security Cloud Helps Kaligent Improve Security Posture and Reduce Infrastructure Overhead

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