Sneaker Server


Sneaker Server

Sneaker Server has used PhoenixNAP’s infrastructure as a backbone of its business, to grow from its initial start-up phase to today’s thriving business.

Sneaker Server is IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) provider that’s running a specialized hosting service. It’s delivering practical and reliable hosting, catering to the niche in its own right and accommodating to the needs of a largely popular market: the collectable sneakers market. The company is dedicated to its customers, paying special attention to understanding their needs and feeling their day-to-day pulse.

An ever-growing project of a young entrepreneur, Anthony B., the business has built upon its knowledge-base, and quickly scaled to become a significant player in this niche market.

Anthony picked up the trend back in 2014, looking for the best solution on how to get in the queue for online limited edition sneakers and prototypes. A business idea took form, providing the technical solution for impending online-only releases of sneakers to go into the hands of sneakerheads who wanted them passionately enough. Leveling the playing field for genuine sneaker fans, he worked out Sneaker Server’s success formula.


When provisioning servers for the highly demanding sneakers market, company’s founder Anthony just knew this product had to be designed and optimized for an on-demand, faster-than-lightning provisioning. As an added bonus, basic technical education and training were to be extended to the end-users. Being the industry trend, the growth of online retailing and auction sites has armed sneaker collectors with better methods to trace and hunt down the exclusive limited-edition shoes.

Stores such as Suplex in Philadelphia, the online site HG, and Flight Club in New York City offer rare and exclusive sneakers, taking part of their inventory in from the general public and selling sneakers on consignment. As NSB developed an online sneaker marketplace devoted to this niche and Foot Locker is gaining devoted fans by thousands, the fast server provisioning with tremendous support became this industry’s standard, if not the requirement.


As a provider of an optimized server hosting environment, Sneaker Server needed managed servers provisioned on-demand and deployable in record amounts of time, to be able to extend this offering to its clients.

Understanding the urgency, while ensuring SLA-backed uptime and providing a superior network, phoenixNAP became a valuable partner to support this sneaker collector’s idea. Besides delivering fast-provisioned server products phoenixNAP made sure the servers are also highly secure and scalable, with an efficient support and 24/7 management and monitoring by the team of experts.

phoenixNAP has been able to deliver the desired solution by understanding the Sneaker Server clients’ needs, and provisioning it each time in the matter of hours, offering unwavering support all the way through.

phoenixNAP’s team of experts has been able to provide mentorship for all technical challenges, and in doing so has helped Sneaker Server business to grow and expand. Anthony’s drive, willingness to learn and his vision have in turn helped phoenixNAP to successfully deliver the solution.


Over the course of two years Sneaker Server has used phoenixNAP’s infrastructure as a backbone of its business, to grow from its initial start-up phase to today’s thriving business.

Following its transition from another provider with an hourly pay system to phoenixNAP’s managed bare metal servers, the company has achieved to increase tremendously both its client-base and its revenue. By making use of the phoenixNAP’s infrastructure, Sneaker Server’s management has gained time to direct its efforts into spreading globally and conquering new markets.

In his own words, Anthony B., the founder of Sneaker Server, has attained a great deal of knowledge in server hosting, that he is now able to impart and share with his community and peers. This successful marriage of an insightful idea with professional services of global IT provider can also serve to entice young enterprising spirits to search for IT solutions and realize some inventive ideas of their own.

phoenixNAP team taught me a lot and gave me the knowledge that was needed to build my product and do what I efficiently do now: provision for sneakers market.

Anthony B., owner and founder, Sneaker Server
Sneaker Server


    Sneaker Server
    Piscataway, New Jersey, U.S.A.
    Windows server provider with the unique concept and
    niche clientele.
    As a provider of server hosting environment for the limited-edition sneakers niche, Sneaker Server needed
    affordable managed servers that are deployable in record amounts of time, to be able to fast provision and extend the offering to its clients at very competitive
    rates. Unparalleled support and 24/7 monitoring by team of professionals were the paramount for satisfying the sneakerhead’s needs.
    Bare metal Servers, for designated use and the niche clientele.
  • RESULT has widened its reach across the U.S. and into Europe, and over two years has increased its customer base ten-fold, by being able to quickly provision the product and offer unparalleled support to its clients, using phoenixNAP managed servers.

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Sneaker Server

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