How to Ensure Consumers’ Trust with a Reliable Data Center Provider provides cloud and dedicated hosting solutions bundled with managed IT services. This model enables small to medium hosts to save thousands of dollars each month by eliminating the costs associated with IT outsourcing and staffing.

In addition to this, provides Managed Support at no additional cost with all Cloud Hosting and Cloud Server plans. This helps businesses save time and money on performing administrative tasks such as thirdparty installation of scripts, troubleshooting, migrations, backup assistance, and cleanup from hacked sites.

phoenixNAP has stood the test of time and been rock solid since day one. In order to provide stability for our clients and state-of-the-art technology on a continual basis - there is nothing even close to phoenixNAP! A real no brainer for us to match our superior IT support with phoenixNAP DC’s and technology.

Christian Henning, Director of Marketing,


Being in business for 20 years, toured hundreds of data centers and met with hundreds of web hosting companies. It has seen data center providers come and go and was looking for the one that would stand the test of time. This was critical for it to be able to ensure customers’ trust, which is its core focus.

We think trust means doing the right things to ensure clients’ businesses are online all the time, being straightforward and honest with pricing plans and terms and conditions, and having a top-class data center partner like phoenixNAP.’s core focus is on support, not hardware or network. phoenixNAP provides us with an incredible solution that is industrial-grade for every hardware or cloud server we offer. Couple phoenixNAP data centers with’s Managed Support and clients are getting the best of the best in terms of cost-effective solutions.

Christian Henning, Director of Marketing,


phoenixNAP dedicated servers are provisioned from multiple global locations and are available on flexible pricing models. All systems are powered by industry-leading hardware technologies, delivering excellent performance, advanced security, and enhanced network speeds. phoenixNAP’s global network backbone supports multiple connection speeds and delivers up to 2.35+ Tbps capacity. Opened in 2010, phoenixNAP has gained the reputation as a trusted provider that it maintains to this day. This is the key reason why turned to it to overcome the challenges it was facing. phoenixNAP’s solutions enabled to save time by ensuring fast hardware provisioning and to reach target markets by providing servers in strategic data center locations.

Provisioning of hardware is fast, painless, and perfect every single time. This allows our customers to hit the ground running in minutes not days. Cutting-edge technology allows our clients to deliver fast and reliable websites and portals for their end clients. Further, the geographic locations phoenixNAP offers allows our customers to choose a data center close to their end-users... delivering a better experience and more sales.

Christian Henning, Director of Marketing,


The additional two factors that drove to choose phoenixNAP were consistency and security. With phoenixNAP’s instant support, is able to provide more reliable services to their clients. In addition, physical security, DDoS protection, and having a wide array of security options available help ensure data protection.

The cloud is ever expanding and is looking to increase its footprint in the managed cloud arena. It will continue to innovate and improve its services in order to help its clients save even more money and allow them to reinvest that savings back into their business, whether it be more marketing money, employees, or physical expansion.

Whether it is straightforward pricing that is easy to understand or the uptime, consistency is king for us. Support is fast and picks up as soon as we call if we need any help. Our clients should sleep well at night thanks to the overall package of high-end data centers, high-end hardware, and top-level managed support the partnership of phoenixNAP and ServerGenie provide.

Christian Henning, Director of Marketing,


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    Cloud Web Hosting, Cloud Servers
  • ISSUE was looking for reliable data center services to ensure its clients’ businesses are online all the time.
    phoenixNAP’s Dedicted Servers
    Improved customer experience through increased availability and faster server provisioning; strategic market reach

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