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Sagenext Infotech

How to Optimize IT Spending While Maintaining Maximum Uptime

Sagenext is a US-based cloud hosting provider headquartered in Augusta, Georgia. The company specializes in providing cloud-based hosting solutions for legally licensed accounting applications such as QuickBooks and Sage, as well as tax applications Drake, UltraTax, TaxWise, Lacerte, and ProSeries. Operating in the US, Canada, the UK, and other countries, Sagenext helps accountants and bookkeepers eliminate the costs of running and managing these apps in-house.

Delivering its services on the cloud model, Sagenext enables clients to access their tax and accounting data from anywhere and on multiple devices, making it easier for large teams to collaborate more efficiently. In addition to that, the company offers its services on a pocket-friendly subscription model, helping small and medium-sized businesses lower their operational costs.

Server resource customizability, network stability, performance, data security, and service uptime are the key attributes for us so that we can help our clients work freely while experiencing the best of cloud services. That’s why we decided to rope in phoenixNAP as our technology partner.

Ned Adams, Head of Operations, Sagenext Infotech LLC


As a company that hosts confidential financial data, Sagenext must adhere to strict requirements in terms of security, compliance, performance, uptime, and hardware customizability. Finding an established all-in-one infrastructure provider was a major challenge for the company.

Sagenext was looking for a globally connected data center vendor that is SSAE-18 certified, as well as HIPAA-ready and PCI-DSS compliant. The company needed a technology partner that could deliver maximum server uptime, low-latency network connectivity, customizable hardware options, scalable resources, and 24/7 technical support at an affordable price point.


phoenixNAP’s flagship data center in Phoenix, Arizona satisfied all requirements put forth by Sagenext regarding security, compliance, network uptime, and redundancy. Located in a disaster-free area, the facility is SOC 2 audited, SSAE-18 certified, and PCI-DSS compliant and HIPAA ready. It is a maximum-security data center that provides automatic failover protection and remote off-site backups, ensuring stability of operations at all times.

Sagenext opted for phoenixNAP’s Dedicated Servers solution to facilitate its cloud hosting service. Powered by latest generation high-performance processors, Dedicated Servers are highly customizable, scalable, and capable of handling demanding workloads with ease. Delivered with up to 20 GB free DDoS protection, phoenixNAP’s Dedicated Servers ensure maximum server uptime for Sagenext even in case of an attack at no added cost.

phoenixNAP’s geographically dispersed facilities with multi-level security measures provide automatic failover protection and remote backups, ensuring seamless access and high performance. phoenixNAP also helped in reducing our cost of operations, which has turned out to be a major plus for us.

Ned Adams, Head of Operations, Sagenext Infotech LLC


Sagenext has experienced a noticeable server uptime improvement upon moving to phoenixNAP’s Dedicated Servers. As committed, service uptime is always at or above 99.99%.

phoenixNAP’s hassle-free data migration service also helped Sagenext minimize downtime during the migration process. After moving to phoenixNAP, the company has seen improvements in the time it takes to set up accounts on the servers.

Sagenext has also benefited from poenixNAP’s 24/7 technical support, allowing the company to focus on catering to its customers rather than spending time resolving technical issues.

We are constantly looking for new channels in the global markets, and we are very sure that phoenixNAP, as our technology partner, is going play a commendable role in helping us attain greater heights.

Ned Adams, Head of Operations, Sagenext Infotech LLC
Sagenext Infotech


    Sagenext Infotech LLC
    Augusta, GA
    Specialized cloud hosting provider for tax and accounting applications.
    Finding a certified and audited infrastructure provider that guarantees maximum uptime and network stability while also offering customizable hardware solutions at an affordable price.
    phoenixNAP’s Dedicted Servers
    99.99% server uptime and reduced operational costs.

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Sagenext Infotech

Find Out How to Optimize IT Spending While Maintaining Maximum Uptime

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