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NutPile Networks

How Small Companies Can Accelerate Growth with Flexible Data Center Solutions

NutPile effectively makes the Internet transparent.Outages and other issues preventing access to online services become impossible to hide, no matter the ISP or NSP. This creates accountability for problems affecting both consumers and online services providers.

Consumers often blame online services when in reality, it is a connectivity issue between them and the service they are trying to reach. Network owners often do not report or admit to problems unless they are too large to dismiss. Online businesses can suffer when users leave or post bad reviews based on misinformation. NutPile helps shift the blame while also giving users the ability to monitor the performance of their own Internet services, giving them data they can show their provider for troubleshooting.

Online services providers can save time and money pinpointing problems, discovering if it’s their services or an external network and receiving details showing when, where, how long and who was responsible for outages.


NutPile Networks initially used in-house compute and network resources. As the company started growing, its management realized that they were spending more time on the network instead of other business-critical processes. After considering the benefits, they decided to try using a data center for the first time.


After reviewing available solutions, NutPile Networks chose phoenixNAP because of its support, availability and flexibility of contract. phoenixNAP’s presence on six strategic global locations is also important for NutPile Networks, as it can ensure excellent experience for NutPile’s users worldwide.


One of the critical advantages that phoenixNAP’s solutions brought to NutPile Networks is the reduced need to spend time managing network resources. The NutPile teams can now be better focused on developing the applications which are run on the servers and improving their users’ experience.

phoenixNAP provides the needed resources instantly and in a way that can be scaled both up and down. They are delivered on a pay per use model, which eliminates the need for NutPile Networks to be locked into inflexible agreements.

I see phoenixNAP as being a key player for us in the future in terms of being able to plan and scale in a flexible manner that will allow us to grow as needed

Mike Paradis, Project Management / Network Engineer, NutPile Networks
NutPile Networks


    NutPile Networks
    Phoenix, AZ, USA
    Internet Monitoring
    Lack of time to dedicate to mission critical processes due to the work on network and compute maintenance.
    Bare Metal Dedicated Servers; Virtual Machine
    Time savings, enhanced security

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NutPile Networks

Find Out How Small Companies Can Accelerate Growth with Flexible Data Center Solutions

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