How Namecheap Ensures Streamlined Global Scaling with phoenixNAP’s Bare Metal Cloud

Founded in 2000, Namecheap is the second largest domain name registrar in the world, with over 15 million domains under its management. In addition to its rich domain-related product line, this Phoenix-based tech giant offers affordable managed web hosting, dedicated servers, VPS, and cloud hosting solutions, as well as security and privacy-related services. Operating predominantly in the US market, the company currently serves more than three million customers.

Namecheap’s server infrastructure is housed in phoenixNAP’s flagship data center in Phoenix, Arizona. Over the past decade, the two companies have built a strong, long-term business relationship centering around mutual growth, support, and development. Ten years later, Namecheap is now a leading global domain registrar with phoenixNAP supporting its rapid growth every step of the way by providing reliable and highly customizable infrastructure solutions.

In addition to using phoenixNAP’s colocation and Hardware-as-a-Service solutions, Namecheap also leverages phoenixNAP’s Bare Metal Cloud platform to enable near-instantaneous API-driven server provisioning on a global scale.

phoenixNAP was instrumental in helping us provide high-quality services to our customers which cemented our rapid growth and expansion over the years. Our relationship is built on mutual trust and support. Whenever we experienced problems, phoenixNAP responded quickly and mitigated any issues without affecting the availability of our services.

Matt Russel, Chief Cloud Officer, Namecheap


Namecheap’s critical infrastructure relies on custom-built dedicated servers housed in thirdparty colocation data centers. Without the financial and operational overhead that comes with managing a data center, Namecheap can focus solely on providing superior services to its customers and investing in further product development.

While the dedicated compute infrastructure provides Namecheap with performance and security to deliver its services across the globe, the company was looking for a way to accelerate server provisioning and deployment. The time it takes to deploy robust server infrastructure and connect it to the network can take days or weeks, and often involves extensive planning. To accelerate these processes and support its rapid global expansion strategy, Namecheap needed an established infrastructure provider with a presence in key global markets that offers on-demand API-driven dedicated servers.

In addition to seamless global scalability, Namecheap also requires its infrastructure provider to deliver fast transfer speeds, lowlatency global network connectivity, and flexible bandwidth options. phoenixNAP’s Bare Metal Cloud server platform was able to fully satisfy

Namecheap’s requirements related to automated physical server provisioning, global scalability, and networking speed and bandwidth capacity.


Bare Metal Cloud is a dedicated server platform that enables users to deploy and manage physical machines with cloud-like ease and agility. With built-in support for automated provisioning, users can spin up general-purpose, compute, or memory-optimized server instances in under two minutes across multiple data centers in the US, Europe, and Asia. This automation-first architecture is made possible via a robust API. Provisioning a server instance is as easy as making a single HTTP call to the BMC API or by utilizing Infrastructure as Code tools. Bare Metal Cloud provides certified IaC modules for Terraform, Ansible, Pulumi, Chef, Puppet, and many more.

Users can deploy 20+ pre-configured server instances that deliver varying combinations of CPU power, memory, and network capacity to support even the most demanding workloads. Bare Metal Cloud servers are equipped with nextgen Intel processors, lightning-fast NVMe drives, RAM capacity of up to 768 GB, and 50 Gbps network speed. Resource consumption is billed hourly by default, but users can opt for monthly and yearly reservations to get discounts and optimize their IT spending. The same billing model applies to budget-friendly bandwidth packages that offer up to 500 TB of global data transfer at reduced prices.

With Bare Metal Cloud, we were able to provision high-performance physical services in minutes across multiple geographic locations via simple calls to the API. We have the freedom to provision server instances that are optimized for compute or memory-intensive workloads. This ensures our systems never get overwhelmed which makes it easy for us to maintain 99.99% availability. On top of this, everything is open-source and we don’t have to worry about vendor lock-in. There are no proprietary technologies, which is very important for us.

Matt Russel, Chief Cloud Officer, Namecheap


With BMC, Namecheap has reduced its server provisioning timeframes from days and weeks to minutes. The company is able to meet increasing demand from customers around the world in a more agile and responsive manner by deploying servers via the API and Infrastructure as Code engines. BMC has also helped Namecheap accelerate its go-to-market strategy and expand its footprint across the US, European, and Asian markets. Free from hardware and infrastructure management responsibilities, Namecheap can focus more on increasing profits by acquiring new customers in previously untapped markets. The company continued a global expansion strategy that centers around bringing affordable and reliable web hosting services closer to customers around the globe.

We are excited to embark upon our global expansion journey with Bare Metal Cloud. Having a trusted partner like phoenixNAP by our side gives us peace of mind in terms of availability, performance, and security. Going forward, we have high expectations of future successes and believe that phoenixNAP will be once again instrumental in driving our growth on a global scale.

Matt Russel, Chief Cloud Officer, Namecheap


    Namecheap, Inc
    Phoenix, Arizona
    Domain name registrar and web hosting services provider.
    Automated API-driven deployment of highperformance dedicated compute resources across diverse geographic locations.
    phoenixNAP’s Bare Metal Cloud
    Having reduced server deployment times from weeks to minutes, Namecheap benefited from improved business agility and faster time to market on a global scale.

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