Achieving Compliance and Scalability Goals with Managed Private Cloud

Ligris is a law firm with an instinctive concierge mentality focused on providing legal advice with great attention to detail. It provides legal advice in the following areas: Title & Settlement Services, Residential Real Estate, Commercial Real Estate Law, Business Law, Trust & Estates, and Tax Services. Ligris attorneys work with individuals, families, business owners, developers, mortgage brokers, as well as residential and commercial lenders in all aspects of a transaction, including resolving any challenges and concerns that arise.


Over the past few years, Ligris has been expanding rapidly both organically and through acquisitions. One of the major challenges the company faced was the inability to scale from an IT infrastructure standpoint.

Representing several big banks, Ligris is subject to strict auditing requirements, which include redundancy, strict RTO and RPO guidelines, and segregation of client data. Ligris turned to phoenixNAP’s engineering team for help in designing a network that would meet all these requirements and put the company ahead of its competitors.

“One of the issues that came up was that our clients did not want their data to be stored with other clients’ data, especially if we were switching to a colocation model.”

Ligris recently stated a new sister company of the law firm, Ligris Tax Services. With the resources from phoenixNAP, they were able to spin up new servers and get the proper licensing within a couple of hours.

“Rather than needing to buy hardware, cooling machines, power supply backups, do setup, and installation, all of which would end up taking 1-2 weeks, we had our entire IT infrastructure for the new company the same day.”


As a private cloud environment with a flexible management model, phoenixNAP’s Managed Private Cloud (MPC) addressed Ligris’s security and performance challenges. After several conference calls to discuss Ligris’s needs, phoenixNAP offered a solution and set its IT infrastructure up in a matter of hours.

“phoenixNAP immediately offered a solution that directly addressed our concerns for performance and user experience. They recommended their Managed Private Cloud, which is a fully private environment that could segregate all of our data along with flash arrays.

“The communication with my representatives at phoenixNAP was very impressive. They were extremely responsive and asked all the right questions to make sure they pulled together the appropriate engineering teams to structure the project. I dealt with a few other colocation data center companies where trying to get someone to return an email of a phone call was a painful process.

“phoenixNAP’s customer service is one of the best ones I have seen across any industry. When you deal with phoenixNAP, you do not feel like you are just another phone call in a call center waiting to talk to someone who will keep transferring you to a specialist.”


With phoenixNAP’s Managed Private Cloud, Ligris is able to deliver the maximum level of privacy to their clients and customers, without compromising on performance. It is also able to keep pace with the evolving technologies to continue meeting its customers’ demands and expectations.

“In today’s world where technology is changing and improving faster than ever, you need to be aligned with a partner that you can always get in touch with; someone who will be honest with you and not try to sell you the latest and greatest which might be unnecessary. You need someone with a highly skilled engineering team that can understand your needs and also step in to troubleshoot efficiently. phoenixNAP was one of the best moves we have made as an organization and has allowed us to scale seamlessly.”

With additional employees and users, we constantly looking to buy additional servers, add more bandwidth, upgrade old machines, etc. This was not only inefficient and time consuming, but it started becoming cost prohibitive. We needed a better model for our network to be able to quickly scale and keep up with not only the additional users to the organization but also the evolving technology.

Christos Viores, Esquire, Chief Operating Officer, Ligris


    United States
    As a growing law firm, Ligris faced a challenge of scaling its IT infrastructure to support its security, bandwidth, and power needs. It needed a new model that allows cost-efficient expansion of IT resources.
    PhoenixNAP’s Managed Private Cloud
    Ligris had a new, scalable infrastructure set up in a matter of hours. The company now can scale its resources as needed.

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