InfoArmor provides identity and privacy protection services to businesses across multiple market segments

With more than 300 customers and dozens within the Fortune 500, the company offers a range of solutions including identity protection, fraud detection, domain and credential monitoring, vendor security monitoring, medical fraud monitoring, and ID theft protection as an employee benefit.

Having enjoyed steady and significant growth, InfoArmor has tripled its colocation space and power consumption, as well as doubled its Internet service provider usage within the past few years.


As a leading identity and privacy protection services provider, InfoArmor needed IT infrastructure services that could stand up to rigorous compliance and regulatory requirements.

Having utilized a third-party cloud solution prior to selecting phoenixNAP services, the company was looking for a hosting solution that offered a segregated environment, complete access to data, high availability, high security, and 24×7 manned facilities.


phoenixNAP’s secure colocation environment successfully addresses InfoArmor’s needs. With its high degree of physical on-premise security systems and processes, the data center overcomes the unique challenges InfoArmor has as a data protection services provider. Employing a variety of biometric and access control systems, phoenixNAP delivers an environment in which InfoArmor has no reservations about its physical hardware.

Additionally, the competitive pricing of phoenixNAP solutions and flexibility to upgrade services at any time allows InfoArmor to grow and scale as warranted, ensuring it keeps pace with customer demand. And with the phoenixNAP support staff always available to assist whenever necessary, InfoArmor can focus on its core business of protecting identities.


Upon establishing a presence inside of phoenixNAP, InfoArmor has been able to keep up with customer demand and accommodate its growth strategies, all while maintaining its strong emphasis on data security.

Today the identity and privacy protection provider is able to realize economies of scale that were not present with its former hosting solution, and the corresponding operational cost savings.

As InfoArmor’s technology needs have steadily increased, phoenixNAP services have been able to support them, and are poised to help their growth strategies continue to move forward.

phoenixNAP’s customer service is second to none and the staff is always available to help us when needed. The technology within the data center is very impressive and our customers love hearing about the retina scans, security guards, and mantraps.

Christian Lees, CTO, CSO, InfoArmor


    Scottsdale, AZ
    nfoArmor’s innovative and user-friendly identity and privacy protection services help employers and partners easily offer a valuable benefit, enhance their brand, increase loyalty, and generate revenue, all while providing their stakeholders improved security and peace of mind.
    Multiple compliance and regulatory
    issues needed to be addressed due to the data InfoArmor protects. Not
    having its own physical hardware deterred the company from having
    very specific security controls it felt were necessary. InfoArmor also wanted to avoid uncontrolled service outages.
    Phoenix NAP colocation
    Today InfoArmor is able to realize
    cost stability compared against its prior hosting solution while benefiting from the security and availability of its hosting solution.

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