Case Study

How phoenixNAP’s Dedicated Servers Supported FossHub in Reaching 500 Million+ Downloads


With millions of downloads a year, FossHub requires a robust global infrastructure to host and allow for seamless delivery of software solutions across the globe. Before starting to use phoenixNAP’s dedicated servers, FossHub used other hosting providers that were unable to provide a reliable network. FossHub needed to rebuild their infrastructure on more stable and secure servers.


FossHub turned to phoenixNAP for support in building an infrastructure that can deliver a high level of performance and stability. The various models of servers and components available enabled FossHub to configure an environment that meets its exact needs. The possibility to easily upgrade and add new servers furthered its options to develop its infrastructure strategies as it grows. Such levels of flexibility and scalability were critical for the company to continue improving their services.


Delivering critical tools for developers, FossHub needs to ensure the availability of their services at all times. In a competitive landscape like this one, any downtime can permanently break a providers’ reputation. That is why phoenixNAP’s dedicated servers provided a core capability for FossHub –consistent performance and reliability that make it accessible to its worldwide users any time.

Ensuring the stability of our infrastru-cture has always been our top priority. Choosing phoenixNAP as a dedicated servers provider was the best decision we made on our path to reach 500 million downloads and we never regretted it. FossHub is accessible anytime and anywhere while downloads are being delivered smoothly.

Sam, Founder, FossHub

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