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CMA Technology Solutions

How CMA Technology Solutions Grew their Business with phoenixNAP’s Global Data Protection Options

A Louisiana-based company, CMA Technology Solutions helps organizations solve complex business problems using cutting-edge technologies. With over three decades in the technology industry, the company understands the trends in supply and demand. Based on the market demand,CMA continually evolves to be able to offer reliable consulting and services. Providing everything from enterprise systems to managed services, CMA can help any modern organization find the right technology for their needs. In partnership with phoenixNAP, CMA enables fast and easy implementation of Veeam-powered availability services across the globe.

phoenixNAP had that great combination of being not a one-size-fits-all shop. It could be customized and boutique as we are for our clients, but it also really overlaid well with what we’re good at and what we’re looking to do.

Kyle Rogers, Cloud Specialist, CMA


Partnering with Veeam since 2009, CMA has helped numerous organizations protect their data and meet their continuity goals with Veeam-powered solutions and. Veeam is an industry leader that continually innovates to provide modern businesses with critical data protection capabilities. Offering easy-to-use backup and replication systems, it enables physical, virtual, and cloud data protection.

Organizations can access these solutions through CMA, which provides consultancy and assistance in implementation. Initially, the company could only provide services to clients looking to install Veeam to protect their virtual environments; however, it wanted to offer advanced options to their clients and started looking for a partner that could help them extend their on-premise data protection scheme to multiple cloud locations.

It is a way for us to take our in-house expertise and services capabilities and extend that further to give those clients more for their investment.

Kyle Rogers, Cloud Specialist, CMA


CMA was searching for data center providers that could match well with what they were looking to deliver to their clients. After evaluating the available options, it selected phoenixNAP because of the wide breadth of services offered and data center locations.

phoenixNAP is a global data center provider offering Veeam-powered services from six strategic locations worldwide. In 2019, it was recognized as a Veeam Rising Star Partner for its excellence in service provisioning, and in 2018 it won a Veeam Innovation Award for its work on the development of a client portal that enables easy management of Veeam solutions.

The collaboration enabled CMA to expand their service portfolio and offer improved solutions to their clients. In the upcoming years, the two companies forged a strategic partnership.

phoenixNAP has a proven track record of innovation and of anticipating and meeting the demands of enterprise. So, when phoenixNAP innovates, we get the benefit of that innovation, we can extend that to our client base.

Kyle Rogers, Cloud Specialist, CMA


Our clients have the option to extend disaster recovery of their on-prem systems to the cloud which offers powerful capabilities and business value.

Offering this option through phoenixNAP, CMA could better meet the needs of modern organizations. The collaboration helped both companies grow their business, realize more sales, and improve their customers’ satisfaction. Their mutual dedication to making cuttingedge cloud technologies available to modern organizations ensured a long and successful collaboration.

That gives us the ability to leverage the trust our customers have in us and for them to know that even though this is new, it’s on the forefront maybe of the IT landscape, that they’re still going to get that value added service that they expect.

Kyle Rogers, Cloud Specialist, CMA
CMA Technology Solutions


    CMA Technology Solutions
    United States
    Managed Services and Computer Hardware/ Software
    As an established Veeam partner, CMA Technology Solutions was working with organizations that needed data protection for their on-premises virtual environments. The company wanted to expand its service portfolio and enable their clients to back up data outside of their building and out of the region to a safe space. To make this happen,CMA needed a reliable Veeam Cloud and Service Provider partner that delivers Veeam data protection services globally.
    phoenixNAP’s Veeam Cloud Connect Backup and Replication
    Expanded product portfolio; improved customer satisfaction; increased revenue

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CMA Technology Solutions

Find Out How CMA Technology Solutions Grew their Business with phoenixNAP’s Global Data Protection Options

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