Intel® Xeon® Technology on phoenixNAP’s Cloud Platform Helps Authentic8 Reduce Monthly Costs by 70%.

The company that pioneered the idea of private browsing via the cloud, Authentic8, has provided businesses with a simple solution to securely access web-based applications. Their approach was to move the browser from the local device into the cloud, where it can be secured, maintained, and monitored. Silo, Authentic8’s flagship product, is a result of this approach.

Released in 2014, Silo gives IT departments greater control over information security and helps create safer enterprise environments.

As businesses adopted the cloud, the web browser became a critical IT asset, and that has caused friction within most organizations. Users need to access content on the web, while IT needs to protect the enterprise network and customer data. Silo addresses this issue by enabling employees to access business information securely from multiple devices on any network by executing all web code remotely. Powered by advanced graphics technologies, Silo is able to render and load graphic-intensive applications in a matter of seconds.


Working to ensure that Silo continues to meet users’ expectations, Authentic8 was looking to cost-effectively upgrade its IT infrastructure. Since the initial release of its rich media browser was built on a platform whose price was astronomical, Authentic8 started searching for a way to cut IT costs without compromising on performance.

The possibility of sourcing CPUs with a reliable provider at a more affordable price point drove Authentic8 to consider different options. The ultimate goal was to find a solution that provides enough CPUs in an affordable pricing model.


In the process of reviewing the available solutions, Authentic8 selected Intel® Quick Sync technology and turned to phoenixNAP as the provider that would source the platform. Enabling seamless media processing and delivery, Intel Quick Sync technology empowers Silo to handle graphics-intensive online content. Provided by phoenixNAP on a pay-per-use model, Intel® Xeon® Processor with Intel® Iris Pro Graphics and Intel® Quick Sync technology emerged as the right solution for Authentic8, as it offered advanced capabilities at a convenient price.

The cost and performance are a perfect match to deliver Silo to enterprise customers around the world. With enough CPU to handle the compute workload and the power of Intel Xeon technology, Authentic8 could take advantage of transcoding on-the-fly without introducing a large amount of CPU overhead.


The Intel Quick Sync platform has allowed Authentic8 to build an even more cost-effective business model. It was the key component to delivering their browser at a fraction of what other platforms cost. By switching to phoenixNAP, Authentic8 was able to double its density and reduce their monthly costs by 70%.

The Intel E3 Quick Sync platform is a perfect compute platform for our service. It has enough CPUs to handle multiple browsers, and it has the encoder chip which allows us to encode on-the-fly multiple display screens

Les Dunston, Head of Operations, Authentic8, Inc.


    San Francisco, CA
    Cloud-based secure browsing
    Due to the increased IT infrastructure
    costs, Authentic8 has started searching for a way to upgrade their platform without compromising on performance.
    PhoenixNAP Bare Metal Offer
    Intel® Xeon® Processor with Intel®
    Iris Pro Graphics and Intel® Quick Sync Technology
    Reduction of monthly costs by 70%

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Find Out How the Company That Pioneered the Idea of Private Browsing Via the Cloud, Authentic8, Has Provided Businesses With a Simple Solution to Securely Access Web-based Applications.

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