Our world class carrier blend provides up to 760 Gbps capacity and is built on the dependable backbone of Brocade Network’s next generation carrier gear. Fully redundant and multi-homed, our tier 1 carrier blend gives phoenixNAP clients a spectrum of choice.

Internet Service Provider (ISP)

  • Quick turnaround times for trouble tickets
  • Available in all phoenixNAP datacenters
  • 10 Mbps up to multiple 10 Gbps connections available
  • Accept client prefixes advertised through our network (with LOA)
  • Network operations in U.S. and Europe, including 24×7 NOCs

DDoS Protection

  • Filter multiple protocol attacks at once
  • Provide email updates to clients during filters/nulls
  • Automatically release blackholed IP’s

Tier 1 Blend Carriers

Blend Network Carriers

Visual Network Map

Carrier Network Map