Virtual Private Data Center

PhoenixNAP’s Virtual Private Data Center (VPDC) is a VMware® vCloud® based, secure multi-tenant cloud service, designed to rapidly extend your current IT environment without high costs or lengthy timelines.

Putting rapid deployment, scaling and management at your fingertips, our VPDC offers a robust client portal, giving you complete control over your high performance compute, storage, and networking resources.

From locations in Phoenix AZ, Ashburn VA, Atlanta GA and Amsterdam, our phoenixNAP VPDC delivers scalable, high performance cloud infrastructure, built to fit nearly any budget.


  • Proven implementation processes
  • Economies of scale
  • Next generation hardware


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Designed for Complete Control of Environment

With VPDC, tasks that previously took an Engineer hours or days to handle, can now be completed at a moment’s notice. VPDC allows you to respond to changing demand in your environment with agility and precision.

PhoenixNAP Virtual Private Data Center features a proprietary next generation cloud portal that puts complete control over every aspect of the cloud in your hands. Create, destroy, grow and shrink your resources all at the click of a button.


Well Suited for High-Performance Workloads

Moving to the cloud doesn’t have to mean taking a step back in your plan. PhoenixNAP Virtual Private Data Center (VPDC) was designed to allow for seamless migration of Tier 1 applications to the cloud, with zero effect on your production or your performance.

We put an enterprise class software and infrastructure stack at your fingertips. VPDC is ready to power the most intricate workloads, yet can still be deployed in hours. With Virtual Private Data Center, your applications run smoother than ever before.


  • Complex database environments
  • Large corporate email infrastructures
  • Demanding ERP systems

Enterprise Class Virtualization Architecture

Cloud - VPDC - Infrastructure

Not every cloud environment is created equal.
PhoenixNAP Virtual Private Data Center (VPDC) offers next generation cloud infrastructure and delivers enterprise class virtualization to stand the test of the most challenging of workloads.

Our team of infrastructure experts has built a high performance system to meet the changing needs of our customers. With the latest version of vSphere® technology at the heart of the VPDC architecture, you can rest assured your applications are in good hands.


  • Next Generation Intel® Processors
  • Hybrid SAN Technology
  • All 10 Gbps Networking

Leverage the Power of VMware and vCloud Director

With the power of VMware’s industry leading virtualization and operations technologies at your fingertips, you will see your IT agility skyrocket.

Through our partnership with VMware, we stay ahead of the virtualization and infrastructure curve, so you don’t have to. With tools like vCloud® Networking and Security and reports from vCenter Operations Manager at your disposal, you will be better prepared to take on the next big project in your changing environment.


  • Compatibility with your current vSphere® environment
  • Automation for proactive management of vSphere
  • Visibility into every level of the virtual infrastructure

Save Money and Grow without Upfront Capital

Most enterprise cloud solutions come with a hefty price tag and require upfront capital. PhoenixNAP Virtual Private Data Center (VPDC) is different. VPDC offers a high performance and secure multi-tenant cloud infrastructure that allows you to grow based upon your needs, and without breaking the bank.

Created to fit companies of any size or budget, VPDC is delivered with no upfront costs for hardware or software. With contracts as short as 6 months, you can contract only for what you need and add more resources later, in just a matter of minutes.


  • Development and test environments
  • Disaster Recovery and backup sites
  • Primary application hosting
  • Hybrid cloud
  • Production website hosting

Flexible Private Networks

PhoenixNAP Virtual Private Data Center (VPDC) puts you in control of your networks by allowing you to create up to 10 private networks at no additional cost.

Fast and reliable, our VPDC environment is redundant at all levels, from servers to connectivity, and comes with free DDoS protection on our 10Gbps network.

Robust enough for the most complex, multiple network tier applications to thrive, VPDC can also utilize a minimum of 5 distinct Tier 1 Carriers per location, to remain secure and stay consistently available to support nearly every resource or compute need.

Benefits of VPDC Include:

  • On-demand network creation
  • 10Gbps network utilizing Brocade switches and routers
  • Segregated sub-network security profiles
  • Global access to other phoenixNAP products and locations on our secure unified network

Flexible Contract Terms

Finding yourself trapped in a long term contract, for resources that you may no longer need, is never a good thing. PhoenixNAP Virtual Private Data Center (VPDC) offers flexible pricing and terms to accommodate a variety of different project and business models.

With contract periods starting at 3 months, we understand the special needs of temporary workloads. But we also reward our customers who commit to long term contracts with discounts that can help them save significant funds over the life of the contract.

At PhoenixNAP, we work with you to find the contract term and pricing that meets your needs.


  • Short development projects
  • Proof of concepts for new software
  • Seasonal change in demand
  • Temporary workloads

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