Business continuity and data availability with DRaaS

Empowering your business with next generation, enterprise-class software and virtual infrastructure solutions, phoenixNAP’s Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) will fully support your business continuity plan on the IT operations side of your organization. Ensure your mission critical applications are supported with advanced, reliable and affordable Disaster Recovery as a Service options to counter threats leading to data availability losses.

Benefits of using phoenixNAP DRaaS

  • Improve performance and reliability of your mission critical
  • Automated recovery of Tier 1 applications from your DRaaS instance
  • Minimum downtime and impact on performance and user productivity
  • No need to invest in purchasing and dedicating new assets to DR
Disaster Recovery as a Service

PhoenixNAP DRaaS Meets your Business Objectives

Our customers operate globally and locally, and their needs for operational availability and business resiliency very tremendously. Recognizing their needs for quick deployments and fast restoration of mission critical applications and systems, phoenixNAP has deployed DRaaS solutions fitting all scenarios and business objectives in different parts of the world. Utilizing Veeam’s and Zerto’s solutions in combination with our global infrastructure, management and expert support, you will gain access to affordable disaster recovery solutions that fit your exact needs.

Making a business continuity plan for your IT side of the house has never been easier, so contact us and we’ll assist you in making the right choices.

Stay online and stay in business! Choose phoenixNAP, choose uptime and security!

Enterprise-Class Disaster Recovery
Powered by Zerto

Zerto Partner
Zerto DRaaS Production Chart
  • Stress-tested and benchmarked infrastructure to give you identical performance in the event of a failover
  • Extremely low RTO and RPO targets to support the most mission critical workloads
  • Security penetration tested and scanned quarterly to protect you against threats
  • Multiple failover and failback scenarios, including permanent failovers
  • Centralized web-based management and monitoring of DRaaS
  • Ability to leverage other phoenixNAP products & services to handle non-virtualized devices

Cloud-Based Disaster Recovery
Powered by Veam

Veeam Cloud and Service Provider Platinum
Veeam DRaaS
  • Direct Integration with Veeam V9 and above
  • Have your DR site configured in hours
  • Bring your network with you or reconfigure on the fly
  • Available in 4 diverse geographic locations
  • Support for VMware vSphere (Hyper-V coming soon)
  • 24x7x365 Support for testing or failover events

Get on board in several steps to ensure a long-term business continuity for your organization. PhoenixNAP helps you adjust your Disaster Recovery plan to the needs of your business. Choose the one that brings more value for you and our teams will take care of the rest.