IT solutions for healthcare providers

An Examination of Needs

Whether responsible for patient records or clinical research, the infrastructure you choose for your electronic medical data is critical to your ability to deliver premium, precise and compliant care. Issues such as regulation, risk, growth and mobility each must be considered and addressed in order to create an IT solution suitable to meet your healthcare organization’s needs.

The US Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) requires that you house patient data securely. Equally important, protection for in-house patient billing information must comply with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS). Fortunately, the compliance can be addressed by having your hardware and devices safely placed in a data center facility that is HIPAA ready from a physical controls perspective and willing to sign a BAA.

In addition to regulations, there is data storage. It is estimated that the average amount of storage required for a single patient’s Electronic Health Record (EHR) is about 2 MB and growing. The US Affordable Care Act alone will introduce millions of additional insured Americans to the consumer market. Prepare now by finding scalable and affordable storage for your growing EHR system data to support this much anticipated market growth and your budgets.

What’s left? Interconnection and portability. Efficiently connecting your data to a dynamic mix of networks, exchanges and portable devices reduces the cost and time associated with medical service. Bandwidth, low latency, replication and backup are each solution cornerstones and are valuable for the seamless transmission and use of this data, especially between multiple systems and platforms.

scalable web hosting


Scalable, virtual storage can keep your growing database of medical records available, yet safe and secure. Consider our Virtual Private Data Center or Hybrid Cloud for large capacity storage at an aggressive price.

reliable IT


Reduce your risk with a compliant foundation for your organization’s hardware and sensitive data. Maintaining a footprint in one of our concurrently maintainable, HIPAA and PCI DSS verified data center locations.

flexible IT solutions


We put your infrastructure first. Flexible, reliable and knowledgeable, you can trust phoenixNAP to provide you with the optimum uptime solution for your data, systems and operations.

A Prescription for IT Health

Utilizing the proper combination of services can preserve the health of your infrastructure, the effectiveness of your patient care, and the security of healthcare data, before, during and after treatment.

We understand and have solutions for your unique IT needs. PhoenixNAP provides a stable, scalable and highly available platform for your mission critical business. Gain stability and control for the management of your data, while reducing CapEx for your organization, by utilizing our Colocation (Colo), Cloud and Storage offerings.
With multiple HIPAA and PCI DSS ready
With multiple HIPAA and PCI DSS ready, geo-diverse locations, our flexible data center environments are excellent for the efficient transfer and safe storage of your vital research and medical data. By incorporating our large scale power and cooling, and minimizing unused space, let us show you how to create a compliant, high density footprint, perfectly suited for today’s maximum performance, ‘super’ compute and storage devices.

Looking for scalable storage for your hemorrhaging patient portfolio? Our public and virtual private Cloud services each offer your organization multiple use cases and OpEx benefits. Powerful and easy to use, phoenixNAP Cloud utilizes industry leading storage. Quickly scale your storage environments based on data needs, and without a large capital investment.

Knowing that secure access and a high availability network are instrumental to the efficient, on-demand, multi-regional transfer and replication of data, phoenixNAP can support your interconnection needs with security, flexibility and trust.


  • A dedicated East Coast/West Coast Unified Network for private end-to-end transfer of data
  • A fully redundant, all 10 Gigabit Network, with enterprise level network security, free DDoS protection and a global footprint
  • Our 100% Uptime Guarantee

By leveraging phoenixNAP’s leading infrastructure systems for your research or healthcare organization, you can continue to support your medical communities, as well as countless patients and families worldwide.