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By design, phoenixNAP Managed Private Cloud is our most flexible and customizable Infrastructure as a Service product.

Regardless of your organization’s workload or compliance needs, we can design a completely private infrastructure environment that will meet your production, storage and security requirements.

Transaction Processing Environments

In the world of transaction processing, downtime can mean a significant loss of revenue for your business. With the heavy regulatory and compliance concerns associated with protecting consumer buying data, if you are attempting to consume cloud services, it can lead to a real headache.

PhoenixNAP Managed Private Cloud allows financial institutions and transaction processing providers the opportunity to realize the value of cloud, without putting their organization or consumer data at risk.

PhoenixNAP has a private cloud solution, designed to be a cost effective, compliance driven dedicated infrastructure.

Data Security | phoenixNAP Global IT Services


  • Customized environments, built to suit any compliance need
  • Five 9s of uptime guaranteed
  • Power and stability from the world’s most trusted virtualization provider: VMWare®
  • High performance storage to accommodate heavy transactional workloads
  • PCI compliant ready environment
  • SSAE16 audited infrastructure solution

Cloud Disaster Recovery

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Combined with our Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service and Cloud Backup and Recovery products, our larger clients can use Managed Private Cloud as a cost effective, DR site for their production environments.

An ideal way to begin leveraging cloud services, MPC allows you to maximize your investment in the infrastructure you have already purchased on premises.

The highly customizable nature of phoenixNAP Managed Private Cloud enables us to work with you to mix and integrate your provided hardware and/or software to meet your challenging RPO and RTO requirements.


  • On-demand failover testing
  • Completely automated failback
  • RPO capability as low as 3 seconds
  • Full virtualization environment recovery in minutes
  • Replication to multiple sites at once
  • No complicated hardware appliances to manage
  • Integration with any client provided software or hardware appliance
  • Completely dedicated environment to meet strict compliance needs
  • Industry leading hypervisor replication and snapshot based technologies

Enterprise IT Environments

The small to medium sized enterprises of today are constantly looking at ways to heighten their IT capability and agility, but without breaking the bank.

PhoenixNAP Managed Private Cloud offers our enterprise clients the ability to conveniently transition to our cloud services during their next refresh cycle.

Our MPC is designed to perform, look and feel just like your in-house storage and virtualization environments, but without the headache of maintenance and management.


  • VMware® vSphere™ vSphere™ Enterprise Plus
  • Next generation hardware and software to enable the virtualization of Tier 1 Applications
  • vCloud® Suite by VMware® vSphere™ enabling self-service for your internal customers
  • Dedicated SAN environment can be leveraged for more than just hosting virtual machines
  • Any enterprise Microsoft Software
  • Pre-tested Exchange and SAP®
  • SSD Accelerated SAN storage for MySQL® and SQL Databases


  • Completely dedicated environment with infinite deployment flexibility
  • Full compatibility with almost any physical appliance you would need to host with us
  • A perfect environment for ERP and CRM systems
Enterprise IT Services | phoenixNAP

Software as a Service

PhoenixNAP Managed Private Cloud gives Software as a Service (SaaS) companies the most powerful outsourced cloud environment possible. In addition to performance, we also save SaaS the time normally associated with building, integrating and managing their application services.

Specifically architected for remote deployment and management, our MPC can be delivered to any major city around the globe, allowing you to distribute your applications as close as possible to your customers.


  • Access to the Unified Network and Global Backend Network
  • Managed DDoS mitigation included
  • Robust restful API for complete automation and scaling
  • Start small and scale into large multi-node configurations
SaaS Infrastructure Services | phoenixNAP Global IT Services
  • Advanced capabilities like:
    • VPNs
    • Load Balancers
    • High Throughput Firewalls
    • Complex Network Setups

Hosted Virtual Desktops

Independent of size, most organizations are constantly looking for suitable ways to improve their internal IT efficiencies amongst teams and locations.

Many times a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) is the answer. VDI can enable most of these companies to manage their desktop environments in a more agile, administration friendly fashion, while allowing them to replace their old and out of date infrastructure. However, cost continues to be an ongoing challenge with VDI adoption.

Virtual Desktop | phoenixNAP Global IT Services

PhoenixNAP Managed Private Cloud environments are powerful enough to run even the largest virtual desktop workloads, and provide companies a cost effective OpEx way to adopt VDI more easily.


  • Optimization for next gen desktop infrastructure
  • Citrix® XenDesktop™ and Microsoft RDSH compatibility
  • Intelligent operations management for virtual desktops, and included at no cost
  • The power of VMware® Desktop as a Service for your own private environment
  • SSD Hybrid storage by Nimble, tuned to handle the tremendous IOP demands of VDI
  • A host for your internal server environment next to your desktops; all in the cloud
  • Partners to help you manage your desktop

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