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Cloud Backup: Standard

Your Fully Customizable Backup to the Cloud

Cloud Backup Standard gives you full flexibility in how, when and where you protect your bare-metal and virtual server data. Our Standard solution gives you the ability to customize recovery points and retention periods, all with unlimited software licenses. We also provide assistance with configuring backups and restorations. It also includes direct integration with Microsoft Exchange and Active Directory  to protect your business applications.

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Note: All our phoenixNAP backup solutions are tailored to your specific backup and restoration needs. Contact us to compare our prices against Mozy, Carbonite and Barracuda quotes.

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Advantages of leveraging this solution:

  • Customize recovery points & retention periods
  • Assistance with configurations
  • Software licenses included
  • Supports full OS restoration for bare metal
    and virtual servers
  • Backup MySQL, MSSQL & Microsoft Exchange

Cloud Backup Standard Datasheet

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Cloud Backup Standard?


  • Storage devices optimized for backup & recovery operations
  • Lightning fast backups
  • Recovery points & retention periods customization
  • Windows and Linux OS support
  • Backup files and folders residing in your OS
  • Software licenses included
  • In-place or out-of-place restorations
  • MySQL and MSSQL database support
  • Full OS restoration of bare metal servers
  • Full OS restoration of virtual servers
  • Backup job configuration assistance
  • Restoration & backup testing assistance
  • Microsoft Exchange support