PhoenixNAP believes that everything starts with the quality and accuracy of infrastructure design. If the proper redundancies, controls, and throughputs are not in place, we lose our most important asset – the trust of our customers. This is why we have invested thousands of hours and millions of dollars to design and build a bullet-proof infrastructure, backed by our 100% network uptime guarantee.


  • Our strategically located, global Tier III Data Centers put you closer to your customers
  • We maintain 550+ Gbps of premium blend connectivity to minimize latency at every hop
  • By partnering with Brocade®, we provide leading edge networking technologies, so you get the absolute best speeds and delivery of your content and data

Test the performance of our high speed network?


More Quality. Less Latency.

Every phoenixNAP Bare Metal Dedicated Server is deployed with three networks: our public network, a private network, and an IPMI network. The combination provides you the choice and flexibility to manage your data and services based on your needs.

What makes the phoenixNap network different?

  • Carrier grade Brocade® MLX and XMR routers to ensure high availability and performance
  • Private connectivity between each of our data center locations for secure data transfer
  • Layer 2 and 3 transport services for optimized network connectivity
  • Unified backend network across our products to securely move storage and compute between multiple environments
  • Global DDoS Protected Network to watch over network traffic and take action against attacks when they happen
  • Traffic Optimization for efficient and enhanced end to end service

Carrier Network Map

Premium Blend of Carriers

We partner with Tier I Carriers to provide you with premium IP transit bandwidth. All bare metal dedicated servers utilize our BGP enabled network for the best path routing. By providing diverse, redundant path availability, your data constantly flows, your connections remain concrete and your response times are improved, to avoid latency.

What CAN YOU EXPECT FROM the phoenixNap network?

  • 550Gbps+ capacity
  • Global Reach
  • Tier I Provider Network
  • Fully Redundant
  • DDoS Protected
  • Low Latency
  • SLA Backed 100% uptime
  • Monitored by 24/7/365 Global Staff

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