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Ransomware attacks hit every 11 seconds. You need to keep your data safe 24/7 to eliminate the risk of data loss. phoenixNAP offers you a range of cloud-based solutions you can deploy to ensure data availability and business continuity. There are several reasons why this should be your priority.

Ransomware growth rates are alarming

Ransomware growth rates are alarming.

The Homeland Security recently stated that the number of ransomware attacks in the U.S. rose more than 300% in 2020, and the predictions are that the growth will resume in 2021.

The financial impact is devastating

The financial impact is devastating.

A single minute of IT downtime can cost up to $5600.The total ransomware damage can go up to the staggering $1,86 million, causing significant financial and reputational damage.

Ransomware insurance is changing

Ransomware insurance is changing.

Insurance companies are now limiting the coverage and may refuse to pay the premium for the exploit if security best practices, including backup strategy, were not followed.

What is ransomware?

Ransomware is a form of extremely harmful malware that infects network devices and data centers. Cybercriminals seek to exploit system and security vulnerabilities to gain access to your business’ data, encrypt it, and demand payments to make it accessible again.

Over the years, ransomware has significantly grown in in volume, frequency, and strength.

Ransomware impact on businesses:

Operational impact
Financial impact
Compliance impact
Reputational damages
Stolen intellectual property

Best Practices for Protection

Considering the possible impact of ransomware, companies need to deploy multiple levels of protection to ensure their data is secure. This is particularly important for organizations operating under strict compliance and security regulations, where the risk of data loss should be brought to minimum.

Below are several important steps you need to make in order to ensure security.

Infrastructure Security

Data protection starts at the core. Your infrastructure should be able to resist the attack using secure hardware, network micro-segmentation, end-point protection, and threat intelligence. You need visibility into your environment at all times to identify the attack early and contain it on time.

Immutable Backups

Today's ransom attacks are targeting backups to disable recovery. Deleting or encrypting backup files could paralyze the business and its ability to recover. Using Veeam Cloud Connect immutability feature, you can deploy a secondary, immutable copy of your backup to ensure advanced availability.

Disaster Recovery as a Service

Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) helps you ensure the availability of your data by replicating it to secure cloud environments. Depending on your RTO and RPO goals, you should set up full or partial replication to be able to restore your data quickly in case of an attack or disaster.

phoenixNAP’s Ransomware Protection Solutions

Take advantage of phoenixNAP’s abundant experience in deploying and implementing advanced ransomware protection solutions to ensure the highest security and easy recovery of your critical workloads and data.

Veeam Backups

Veeam Backups

Eliminate IT environment downtime and ensure always-on access to your critical data. Veeam Cloud Connect Backup and Replication enables you to store your backups safely and restore them quickly any time. Immutable backup functionality helps your business to bulletproof its protection against ransomware.

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Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery

Deploy the most robust and cost-efficient disaster recovery solutions to ensure near-instant recovery of your environment. phoenixNAP offers Veeam, VMware, and Zerto disaster recovery solutions from multiple strategic locations across the globe. Talk to our solution experts to deploy the right solution.

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Data Security Cloud

Data Security Cloud

As a secure multi-tenant cloud platform, Data Security Cloud provides multiple layers of security to ensure maximum data protection. Built-in collaboration with Intel and VMware, Data Security Cloud includes advanced security features to ensure high performance and superior protection for workloads and data.

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Ultimate Ransomware Survival Guide

Watch our webinar with Veeam to learn more about advanced cyber threats and how to successfully protect your business from growing ransomware threats. In this session, William Bell, EVP of Products at phoenixNAP, and Michael Deemer, Inside Systems at Veeam, shared practical tips on how to implement the efficient ransomware prevention strategies and tactics.

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