What Is Business Agility?

November 14, 2022

Business Agility is the idea that a business will thrive if it is ready to adopt innovative organizational and digital solutions to respond to market changes and seize emerging opportunities.

The success of the idea relies on the ability to adopt a holistic approach toward business projects. An agile business has established departments and hierarchy, but the success of each project lies in the inter-departmental cooperation and contribution of individuals.

To achieve agility, a business must establish two virtual networks: one being a traditional hierarchical one, and the other project-based, also called a value stream network. The hierarchical network allows traditional management and reporting, but the value stream network is self-managing, self-organizing, and contributes to a specific project as a team.

Thanks to business agility, businesses can respond to trends and rapid changes while not sacrificing their organizational stability and essential business processes.

Anastazija is an experienced content writer with knowledge and passion for cloud computing, information technology, and online security. At phoenixNAP, she focuses on answering burning questions about ensuring data robustness and security for all participants in the digital landscape.